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Guernica and Guantanamo in New York City, Mia Farrow in Darfur, and New Poetry and Fiction

July 16, 2008

To our readers,


If you find yourself in NYC this week, Guernica, Public Affairs, and Amnesty International invite you to join us this Friday, July 18, at 6 PM, at the Old Town Bar (45 E. 18th Street) for a celebration of Mahvish Khan’s My Guantanamo Diaries. Guernica published an excerpt from the book last month, which you can find here.

In part two of our series Crisis Darfur, actress/activist Mia Farrow gives voice to the images of Darfur, China’s role in the genocide, and how the upcoming Olympic games can give humanitarian efforts a small, but imperative, bit of leverage. Missed part one? The French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy on how three great ideas of the political left have backfired on the people of Darfur… here.

In Little Wolf, Laura McCullough takes us inside the poetic mind of an intuitive prostitute. Lisa Lim’s darkly witty story-cum-recipe dissects a life’s worth of love and lust in twenty-four segments of memories in The Twenty-Four Hour Date.

In Mutable and Immutable, translated from Hebrew by award-winning translator Tsipi Keller, Maya Berejano writes :

let me go don’t be a dog

my very dear cage

haven’t we agreed

And Tess Taylor delivers images of the West Coast of old in World’s End: North of San Francisco:

Here at the continent’s end, fortifications

linger for the end of the world. They greet

each California morning, these barracks in the fog.

Below, the lagoon is gunmetal, or mercury poured.

ON THE GUERNICA BLOG: Norman Solomon on Obama’s progressive problem. “The best way to avoid becoming disillusioned is to not have illusions in the first place.

Robert Reich on that fluke in economics known as the Great Moderation and its disastrous consequences on our structural safety nets.

In his photo essay All America City, Joseph Charles Trippi examines why this award for “merit, growth, togetherness and pride” has been given to his home town of Buffalo, twice, in just twenty years.

Finally, a Note About our Future (NAoF). Guernica has big plans to continue a growth that has been phenomenal this year. Our readership is up, our stories are circulating far and wide, and plans are afoot for two face-lifts:

1.) We are in the midst of a server migration to add functionalities that will help us grow self-sufficient and interactive and… cooler?

2.) We’re still planning to go into print (so, as comedy writer Laura Krafft says, you can read us in the tub) and hope to announce the specific details of that soon.

We are also planning another fall benefit to mark our fourth birthday. We can certainly use your help in these and other fundraising areas. Please consider making a donation here.

Thanks for reading, and your support. Stay tuned…


Michael Archer & Joel Whitney

Readers like you make Guernica possible. Please show your support.

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