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Naveena Sadasivam: In Fracking Fight, a Worry About How Best to Measure Health Threats

April 2014

The agency’s manual is explicit about what to do if someone reports concerns about a noxious odor but is not at that very moment experiencing the smell: ‘DO NOT REGISTER THE COMPLAINT.’

Heather Samples: In the Land of the Heavy Lifting

February 2014

What the Elk River contamination tells us about a fading West Virginian mythos and the new meaning of Coal Country.

Ellen Cantarow: The Frontlines of Fracking

January 2014

What if fracking came to a town near you?

Ground Truthing

August 2013

The writer-activist on the qualities of silence, bearing witness to trauma, and seeking sustenance in the world’s fragile beauty.

Abrahm Lustgarten: EPA Drops the Ball, Again

July 2013

In its latest abdication, the EPA hands over the Wyoming Fracking Study to a drilling company.

David Morris: Hidden Power Grab Stops Communities From Deciding Their Own Futures

May 2013

Increasingly states are quashing the power of local governments—and thwarting innovation.

Ellen Cantarow: The Downwinders

May 2013

Fracking ourselves to death in Pennsylvania.

Justin Elliott: Another Layer to Rendell’s Fracking Connections

April 2013

The former Pennsylvania governor is a paid consultant of the natural gas industry.

Abrahm Lustgarten: Land Grab Cheats North Dakota Tribes Out of $1 Billion, Suits Allege

February 2013

A controversy implicates tribal politicians, Wall Street traders, and oil speculators.

Ellen Cantarow: Frack Fight

November 2012

Activists are waging a secret war, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Michael T. Klare: Is Barack Obama Morphing Into Dick Cheney?

June 2012

President Obama’s approach to energy policy is surprisingly close Dick Cheney’s. What this tells us about America’s new nationalism.

Michael Klare: A New Energy Third World in North America?

April 2012

How the big energy companies plan to turn the United States into a third-world petro-state.