Tag: Guernica/PEN Flash Series

Bryan Hurt: Moonless

February 2015

Flash Fiction: Stars are not meant to be kept in boxes.

Alissa Nutting: The Transparency Project

February 2015

Flash Fiction: She watched her heart beating again and again like an unanswered question, like a phone in her chest that would not stop ringing.

Michelle Dove: Alt Vices

January 2015

Flash Fiction: When I feel a human-sized void, is it instinctual that I fill it with a human?

Natalie Diaz: The Quantum Theory of Suffering or Why I Look at the Moon

January 2015

Flash Fiction: Do you really think the moon only exists when you are looking at it?

Elisabeth Frost: Mother and Daughter

December 2014

Flash Fiction: The daughter, the one they think they made all by themselves, holds the hand, and holds also the head, unwise and old and greedy.

Amanda Michalopoulou: Deer in the Woods

November 2014

Flash Fiction: What, for you, is the clearest image of happiness?

Payam Feili: Walking on Water

September 2014

Flash Fiction: My mother is the goddess of the seas. My fetus still floats in her womb.

Xiaolu Guo: I Am China

August 2014

Flash Fiction: Now, dearest Queen, let me be direct—why I’m writing to you? I need your help in this country.

Chelsea Biondolillo: Raccoon, Pronghorn, Mule Deer, Ring-necked Pheasant, Fox

July 2014

Flash: The twisted leg, the handful of feathers.

Sally Wen Mao: Xianning

July 2014

Flash Fiction: Then she drew his legs. She skipped the body because that moment she forgot that men had bodies – chests, torsos, bellies and all.

Lina M. Ferreira: Practice

June 2014

Flash Fiction: I turn to see the man raising the stick and swinging it hard against the boy’s hip.

Rachel Yoder: Fart Mart

June 2014

Flash Fiction: I dream of fat cats wearing sweatbands trying to get in shape on treadmills.

Abeer Hoque: Dagger and Shield

May 2014

It’s that look he loves even though he knows she isn’t really seeing him. He’s part of the landscape, inside her inner eye.

Kaitlyn Greenidge: Axe Wound

April 2014

He wanted words to mean one thing. His cheeks burned. He knew this was a stupid wish.

Mieke Eerkens: View On An Accident

March 2014

When I came to the window, his motorcycle was lying on its side hemorrhaging gasoline and oil.

Mira Jacob: Everybody Is Looking for Somebody Like You

March 2014

It didn’t matter if they strolled from his periphery or sprinted up from behind. He felt them coming like a warm wind.

Eric Boyd: The Chains That Keep

February 2014

Behind him’s two bags on the curb. He needs the ride; I cut him a break.

Sung J. Woo: 1950

February 2014

What kind of a war was this, anyway? All we did was move from our house to a stranger’s house, then one after another.