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Akhil Sharma: When Despair and Tenderness Collide

January 2014

Mohsin Hamid and Akhil Sharma’s conversation about writing, literary labels, and how illness challenges narrative.

Aditi Sriram: Heather Rounds is Over ‘There’

December 2013

Part essay, part interview, part author, part reader, part ‘she,’ part The Man of Small Vital Facts.

Daniel Alarcón: The Scar, Not the Wound

October 2013

The novelist talks with Jamilah King about what it took to start over from scratch with his latest book, At Night We Walk in Circles.

from “The Hanging Garden”

June 2013

Ma Bulpit said, “You’ll find it hard till you know the ropes. Those Lockharts… Australians mean well.”

The World Without You

June 2012

He’s mopping at his pelvis with a wadded-up tissue, and then he’s mopping her up as well. Already the backs of her thighs are caking up.

Lang’s Dragon

April 2012

Demand for drugs was on the rise, and there was more pussy to be had than ever. Can you blame me for helping to move a little bit of both?

Myth About Myths

November 2011

The Iranian writer on the tension between artists and intellectuals, the power of mysticism, and the long-lasting effects of the 1979 revolution.

Libya’s Reluctant Spokesman

October 2011

On the occasion of his second novel, Libyan author Hisham Matar discusses the effect of totalitarianism on personal lives, what makes the novel a great art form, and the Arab Spring.

From Until the Dawn’s Light

October 2011

“What attracts you to the Jews?” Blanca asked her.

From River of Smoke

October 2011

To assemble the whole clan—La Fami Colver, as they said in Kreol—was never easy since its members were widely scattered, within the island and abroad.


March 2011

Egyptian novelist and activist Ahdaf Soueif on when she knew the revolution would succeed, the role Al Jazeera and social networking played, and the irresponsible reporting on Lara Logan’s attack.

The Convent

An excerpt from the novel by Panos Karnezis
November 2010

There are times when you will do anything to protect a baby.

The Consequence of Skating

By Steven Gillis
September 2010

Life at an empty amusement park: An excerpt from the upcoming novel

The Fragile Mistress

A novel excerpt by Leora Skolkin-Smith
August 2010

An unpublished excerpt, soon to be a film.

Part of Us that Can’t Be Touched

July 2010

The novelist on Goon Squad, the drug-taking intensity of high school kids, and the Gothic novel.

Spring with a Broken Corner

July 2010

Part 2 of a new translation excerpt of the major South American writer’s novel.

Spring with a Broken Corner

Part 1 a novel excerpt by Mario Benedetti
June 2010

Tonight I’m alone. My cellmate (you’ll know his name some day) is in the infirmary.

The Revolutionaries Try Again

A novel excerpt by Mauro Javier Cardenas
May 2010

The one public phone near the Atarazana slums that didn’t filch your coins. At least not all of them. That soon after hordes were pilgrimaging to it and lining up to dial their departed.

Exile on Any Street

February 2010

Are American readers insular, as the secretary of the Swedish Academy famously quipped? If so, why has immigrant fiction taken such a pivotal role in American letters? Irina Reyn hashes it out with lauded Bosnian author Aleksandar Hemon.


By Eshkol Nevo, guest-edited by Assaf Gavron
January 2010

The Arab is so stunned, he doesn’t move. Just stands there with his certificate and his rusty key. Not breathing.


By Catherine Chung from a novel-in-progress, guest-edited by Alexander Chee
June 2008

She was limp and sweaty but I snuggled into the comfortable softness of her. They had cut her open, and she was whole. She looked very tired and sick; on her gown, blood bloomed like a slow flower.

Tintin in the New World

An excerpt from the novel by Frederic Tuten
May 2005

“You must find me very queer then, Madame Clavdia. I’m sorry if I disconcert you,” Tintin said, his voice low, his eyes downcast.