Tag: poetry

The Third Maria

April 2014

The former member of the “Three Marias” on feminism forty years after the Portuguese Revolution, Facebook, and insubordination.

A Muscle of Belief

April 2014

The Guggenheim fellow on returning to free verse in her latest collection, the difficulty of being joyful, and why poetry has taken the place of religion in her life.

Alex Lemon: A Ferocious Kind of Music

April 2014

Why poetry needs more grit.

Building in Verse

April 2014

The inaugural poet on writing through cultural dualities, the pleasure of bilingualism, and why “the poem is a kind of mathematical proof.”

By the Sea

February 2014

The filmmaker on finding inspiration in poetry and the meaning of “home” in Palestine.

Elisa Biagini: A World Reinvented Through Poetry

February 2014

Nathalie Handal talks to the Italian poet about her sometimes disturbing imagery and how her work helps us decipher the world.

Loving Cyrus

By Reginald Dwayne Betts
November 2009

You’ve learned it 34 years too late and it wrestles / with the story of Cyrus, /

the first man you’ve known with a woman’s / curved breast.

Two Poems

By Manoel de Barros, translated from the Portuguese by Idra Novey
September 2008

To enter the state of being a tree it’s necessary / to begin with a gecko’s amphibian torpor /

at three in the afternoon in the month of August.

Love Tokens

By Tran Da Tu, translated from the Vietnamese by Linh Dinh
August 2007

I’ll give you a roll of barbwire / A vine for this modern epoch / Climbing all over our souls / That’s our love, take it, don’t ask

Wholesale Romania

By Chris Tanasescu, translated from the Romanian by Ilya Kaminsky and Martin Woodside
May 2007

Yes, that’s right, maybe I’ve run out of / patience, we have certainly run out of cigarettes / and the later, as Cioran used to say // hold more fire than the Gospels in our blessed country.


By Tomas Tranströmer, translated from the Swedish by Robert Bly
May 2005

A blue glow / Streams out from my clothes. / Midwinter. / A clinking tambour made of ice. / I close my eyes. / Somewhere