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This may be getting a little out of hand, but Guernica just received more good news: eight contributors have been nominated for the 2011 Dayton Literary Peace Prize, the first and only annual U.S. award recognizing the power of the written word to promote peace.

For fiction, we’d like to congratulate Guernica contributors Patricia Engel for her novel Vida and Assaf Gavron, who guest-edited our January 2010 issue, for Almost Dead, as well as Guernica event moderator Dinaw Mengestu for How to Read the Air.

For nonfiction, we’d like to congratulate Guernica event participant Mac McClelland for For Us Surrender Is Out of the Question: A Story from Burma’s Never-Ending War, blog contributors Stephan Salisbury for Mohamed’s Ghosts: An American Story of Love and Fear in the Homeland and Zoya Phan for Undaunted: My Struggle for Freedom and Survival in Burma, as well as Guernica interviewees Howard Zinn for The Bomb and Ayaan Hirsi Ali for Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations.

Read the full list here. Tomorrow’s hangover will be well worth it.


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