With the Trump administration immediately striking at women’s rights, voting rights, and the very nature of objective facts, we at Guernica are thinking about the ways we can use our platform to amplify ideas that foster justice, equality, and civic action.

Our mission is to publish writing that both enters and illuminates the fray. We nurture and support artists and storytellers who make wild, honest, and surprising work. We encourage them to skip the hot takes and dive deeply into the high-stakes issues behind the political rhetoric, and tell stories that show the personal is inextricable from the political. We are a home for stories and ideas that don’t fit neatly into any one category. Our outlook is global, and we are always working to broaden the range of voices we publish.

We believe in reading as a way to understand other people’s lives, to fend off loneliness and fuel connection. But while reading and writing are forms of political action, they are no substitute for engaging with our fellow citizens. We believe that art, narrative, and experimentation are crucial for expanding empathy, critical thinking, and catharsis—we hope they also energize direct political action.

As an all-volunteer staff, we are beholden only to you, our readers. We respect our readers by publishing work that is challenging and nuanced, ambitious but not pretentious. We promise to protect facts and fight against the normalization of posting unverified statements as truth.