Genevieve Walker

GWalkerGenevieve Walker is a writer and an illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. Previously at and Newsweek International, Genevieve is a graduate of the journalism institute at NYU. She was once an editorial assistant at Guernica. She has written for the New York Times Local, the Atlantic Cities, and Here’s some more:

Genevieve Walker: Maglia Ciclamino—Dino Buzzati’s Giro d’Italia

June 2013

Dino Buzzati’s masterpiece of sports journalism, an account of the 1949 Giro d’Italia, has been unjustly forgotten.

Genevieve Walker: Leigh Stein’s Dispatch from the Future: Poetry for Poetry Haters

July 2012

Leigh Stein’s new collection is captivating even for the most ardent of poetry-haters.

Genevieve Walker: “Keith Haring: 1978-1982”

March 2012

Keith Haring—rockstar of the art world, New York City street artist, activist—is no longer a household name. Genevieve Walker reviews the exhibit designed to commemorate his legacy.

Genevieve Walker: The Hawaii in The Descendants

February 2012

There is beauty to Hawaii, sure. But there is also mundanity.

Genevieve Walker: Maurizio Cattelan’s Drying Laundry

December 2011

It’s easy to hate on Maurizio Cattelan’s 21-year retrospective at New York City’s Guggenheim, but its perpetual pantsing and mooning grow on you.

Genevieve Walker: Best Art of 2011

December 2011

The best art wasn’t found in galleries this year. It was found online.

Genevieve Walker: The Bunny Stigma

November 2011

Hugh Hefner was once called a protofeminist and a social radical. But it’s been a while.

Genevieve Walker: The Intelligent Dysfunction of We Live Here

October 2011

Kazan’s play is full of the “come to dinner!” kind of hollering that merely stands in for familial normalcy that never really happens outside of television.

Genevieve Walker: Lost In Translation

September 2011

The “Social Media” exhibit at New York City’s Pace Gallery explores the way social media provides a peek at the new ways people can emote, communicate, and connect with each other.

Genevieve Walker: The Unbearable Lightness of Books

September 2011

While book sales are making a comeback the question remains, will e-books continue to make thousand-percent leaps in growth, eventually swallowing the book publishing industry whole?

Genevieve Walker: Louise Bourgeois, The Mathematician

August 2011

Is it possible to express emotion through numbers?