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A Guernica Photographer Wins Best Photo Book of the Year

7 rooms_book_0003.JPGPhotograph by Rafal Milach

Sometimes it seems as if there are as many photographers working in Russia as there are Russians. The former USSR is the kind of place photographers love—gritty with whimsy, historically significant, and currently in flux. But, few do it as well as Rafal Milach does. His book, 7 Rooms, which Guernica featured in the art section in January, was recently awarded Best Photo Book of the Year by Pictures of the Year International, an important contest for photographers, editors, and photojournalists. It’s a well deserved honor as few photographers manage to capture both the essence of a place and the lives of the people who live there with such elegance and insight.

Congratulations to Rafal from the Guernica team.

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