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Election 2004: Mark Crispin Miller Takes Aim at Salon and Democrats in Denial

The below is from Huffington Post/Yahoo. Mark Crispin Miller in response to Salon in response to Robert Kennedy’s essay in Rolling Stone–about the theft of the 2004 election by Bush Republicans…

Two weeks ago, Rolling Stone came out with “Did Bush Steal the 2004 Election?” — a masterful investigative piece by Robert Kennedy, Jr., arguing that Bush & Co. stole their “re-election” in Ohio, and pointing out exactly how they did it. Primarily because of Kennedy’s good reputation, and the mainstream credibility of Rolling Stone, the article has finally opened many eyes that had been tightly shut to the grave state of American democracy.

One week after Kennedy’s article appeared, Salon posted an attack upon it by Farhad Manjoo, the magazine’s technology reporter. That piece contained so many errors of fact and logic, and was throughout so brazenly wrong-headed, that several hundred readers sent in angry letters, many of them brilliantly refuting some of Manjoo’s misconceptions and mistakes, and quite a few demanding that Salon cancel their subscriptions.

A few days later, Joan Walsh, Salon’s editor, tried to calm the storm with a defense of Manjoo’s writings on the theft of the 2004 election — a theft that he had frequently addressed before, as he had been trying to “debunk”it ever since that infamous Election Day. Walsh did not answer any of the criticisms of Manjoo’s attack, but merely re-asserted Salon’s confidence in all his work for them.

At this point I decided to reply, both to Manjoo’s piece (which, as I note below, had wrongly used my own work on election fraud to further slander Kennedy’s) and to Joan Walsh’s apologia. My point was not just to pile on (there was no need for that), but to attempt an explanation as to why so many reasonable people — many of them self-described “progressives” — keep refusing to perceive the copious and ever-growing evidence that this regime has never been elected. It was my hope that Salon might at least consider moderating its position on election fraud, which now demands more serious treatment than the magazine has thus far given it.

I sent the letter to Salon on Tuesday. June 13. Two days later, I received an email from them telling me that they would not be posting it. “In terms of the Ohio election fraud issue,” wrote Jeanne Carstensen, “we don’t feel your letter, as passionately argued as it is, adds anything substantially new to the debate, which we’ve covered the hell out of already.”

I believe that that assertion too is wrong, and that the issues here are far too grave for “the debate” to be thus prematurely halted; and so I’m very pleased that HuffPost has agreed to run my e-mail as an open letter.

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