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Fundraising, Donations, and Hurricane Sandy

Although Guernica is an international magazine, many of us live and work here in New York. We are extraordinarily fortunate that the hurricane didn’t cause us any direct loss, but many people, small businesses, and other non-profits have not been so lucky. In the past few weeks, we announced that we were conducting our annual giving campaign. We would like to thank all those who supported us before the hurricane and ask that all who were considering giving redirect their gifts to those who need help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Others need it more than we do. New York is returning to normalcy, but with a nor’easter upon us and many still without housing or power, your support is still needed.

Occupy Sandy was one of the first to organize volunteer efforts, and offers many opportunities to donate or volunteer. We are rallying, and we hope our community of readers, contributors, and friends will join us in supporting New York and the tri-state area during this time of need.

For our NYC readers, we hope you’ll consider giving to some local non-profits, such as The Kitchen, Smack Mellon, and Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBT Youth; whatever you can donate will help them rebuild so much of what was lost after Sandy.

Readers like you make Guernica possible. Please show your support.

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