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George Saunders is a genius

Congratulations to author George Saunders, who is officially a genius. So said the MacArthur Foundation last week when they awarded Saunders a Genius Grant–worth $500,000. The author told the reporter he felt “smarter already.”

Last month, Guernica interviewed George — he said we could use his first name — about his shadow career as an architect, his wacky stories about theme parks, and his foray into film. If you haven’t heard, he’s working with Ben Stiller to adapt some of his stories for the big screen — which promises to be a hilarious collaboration. (Saunders says there’s much that’s “simpatico” between them.) Read more here.

But geniuses don’t just take the money and run. George also takes pride in his role as a mentor, which Guernica was able to tap into by asking George to be Guernica’s guest fiction editor for October. So in the days to come we’ll be launching stories by George’s favorite young writers (and some of his former students in the MFA program at Syracuse). Look for those certainly by next week.


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