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Guernica Congratulates Kristof on his 2006 Pulitzer for Commentary

After being awarded the Pulitzer prize for commentary, The New York Times’s Nick Kristof characteristically turned the attention away from himself, pointing it toward the genocide in Darfur, where around 400,000 have died. “I don’t think the Pulitzer board was necessarily sending a message, but the prize may have the effect of bringing a little more attention to Darfur,” Kristof told Editor and Publisher Monday evening.

When Guernica interviewed Kristof last June, he talked a bit about an early love of journalism, his first Pulitzer (for covering Tiananmen Square), about treading the line between journalism and activism, and how we all have to do more to end the genocide in Darfur.

Since then he’s been goading Bill O’Reilly to travel to the ravaged region with him. Our heartfelt congratulations.

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