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It’s 10pm–have you read a poem today?

Before May ends, stop by Guernica’s Poetry section! We’ve posted two new translations by Robert Bly who was gracious enough to let us publish them. Cecco Angiolieri’s sonnet and Tomas Tranströmer’s three haiku allow us to revisit formal poems through Bly’s expert lens. The quiet and matter-of-fact observations in the haiku contrast with the resounding defiance of the speaker in the sonnet; and yet in both forms, Bly’s language effortlessly _belongs_ in those crafted stanzas.

To give you a heads-up, we will be posting poems with _audio_ files attached so GM readers will now not only be able to read the poetry but hear it read aloud by the author him/herself. Be on the lookout this week as we prepare to launch this new audio feature in our Poetry section. Suggestions, as always, welcome! –TF

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