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Staff Pick: Adaeze Elechi

Adaeze Elechi Giacomo Fiore is a young Italian acoustic guitarist. His debut album Tones from an Open Heart covers a broad spectrum of emotions. It is playful—as in the upbeat sun-kissed melody of “Kilkenny,” whose sole accompaniment is a snare drum; and bittersweet—as in “Genteel,” where he chose to give his fingerstyle guitar more weight and a fuller body with a cello and a violin. The entire album means to soothe and stimulate every corner of your heart. It’s the sort of music you’d imagine would be the soundtrack to your life while you took an afternoon promenade through the narrow cobblestone streets of Rome, as the season teetered between summer and autumn.

The album is genuine and youthful, and you can hear that Fiore has poured himself into each pluck of each string. But I must suggest that the best way to hear Fiore’s music is live. Something incredibly intimate is added to the experience when you watch a guitarist with his instrument—it feels like you are watching and listening in on a loving conversation between two passionate people.

If you find that you are a Fiore fan, his new album Genteel was released this April. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it, but I hear it is equally, if not more wonderful than his first. Divertiti!

Bio: Adaeze Elechi is an intern at Guernica. Read her last recommendation “here”:

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