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This Is Bravery

Peace Takes Courage is a fairly sophisticated anti-war blog maintained by 15-year-old Ava Lowry from Alabama. Since March 2005, Ava has posted what she calls “animations,” harrowing photo slide shows of soldiers’ funerals, combat imagery, and civilian injuries and deaths, interspersed with war stats and quotes from the grandiose statements of Bush and company, all choreographed to hymns or patriotic songs. Ava has received numerous death threats for a recent animation, WWJD, a selection of gut-wrenching photos of wounded Iraqi children, scored to “Jesus Loves Me.” When asked in a CNN interview if she meant the photo montage to be “flip,” Ava bravely and calmly responds that suffering Iraqi children “are God’s children too,” adding, “they’re suffering as a result of our actions.” Ava also states that she has received no hate mail from U.S. troops, active or inactive, only support, and that members of her own family are serving.

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