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War on Terror Goes Domestic

Last week the FBI arrested seven men in Miami for wanting to be terrorists. The men, who had no bombs, nor guns, nor plans, were mostly loitering around a windowless warehouse where one of them lived. One of them told an FBI informant that they wanted to blow up the Sears tower and several federal buildings. If you caught the interview with one their members you know what I’m about to say: not dangerous, just very dumb and/or mentally ill.

CNN, and the rest of the press, pulled the usual maneuvers. 24/7 on scene coverage, one-on-one interview with the Miami FBI director on a special exclusive. Flashy graphics, experts, terror, boo. To their credit, someone actually had the presence of mind to ask about the actual level of threat to the nation. The response was pretty amazing: Deputy FBI Director John Pistole described the cell as “aspirational rather than operational.” No one even blinked. Instead, cut to some woman in Chicago talking about how afraid she is now that the news has come out, how afraid she’s been since Sept. 11, etc. etc. Then some more face time for the Justice Department, FBI, local PD, and so on.

Ah, modern America: mutually assured nuclear annihilation, communist (now anarchist) subversion stealthily corroding the main artery, unemployed freedom fighters come terrorists blowing things up. Bedlam, shock, horror. Fear is politically and financially expedient; it’s a cultural phenomenon. I expect very little from the press. But here is a new low: CNN exclusive interview headline, “Hunting most wanted fugitives, helping defend against terror: Just how safe is America?”

For this? Come on, CNN. Why let the government set the price for you and friends to sell at? Why, when even the FBI admits that, at best, they caught seven retards who couldn’t blow up an ice cream truck let alone the whole Sears Tower? Why not haggle, even if just a little. Why not say false alarm guys? And that’s the tragedy. Because most people swallow this tripe, believe that they were saved from something, that they need saving. Because it really works that way. And shudder. Shudder at the ability to distort and disguise. So CNN traded seven stupid bastards to keep their spot in line. There’s the story.

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