Robert Reich: Thoughts on the End of a Hell of a Year

December 31, 2008 This Mini-Depression is causing a lot of pain, to be sure, but it will be over in a year or three. Yet what kind of economy will we have on the other side? Will we have a more just society?

Khadija Sharife: Genetic Colonialism

December 30, 2008 From Mendel to Machiavelli.

Norman Solomon: A Hundred Eyes for an Eye

December 29, 2008 Even if you set aside the magnitude of Israel’s violations of the Geneva conventions and the long terrible history of its methodical collective punishment of 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza, consider the vastly disproportionate carnage in the conflict.

Katie Halper: Christians, send your Jewish friends ‘thank you for Christmas’ greeting cards

December 26, 2008

I would like to give birth to a new holiday tradition. Forget the Happy Hanukkah cards. How about a thank you note?

Katle Halper: Joe Biden Explains Rick Warren Choice

December 22, 2008 Joe Biden is never at a loss for words. Clearly this former stutterer is making up for lost time.

Tom Engelhardt: The Time of the Book

December 19, 2008 On reading in an Age of Depression.

Norman Solomon and Jeff Cohen: Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2008

December 18, 2008 Now in their seventeenth year, the P.U.-litzer Prizes recognize some of the nation’s stinkiest media performances.

Guernica Editors: Announcing the 2008 Pushcart Prize Nominees

December 14, 2008 Presenting six exciting selections of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Ira Chernus: The First Hundred Days or the Last Hundred Days?

December 11, 2008 What the president-elect should be reading.

Katie Halper: Republican Idol

December 10, 2008 The Search for America's New Top Right Wing Renaissance Man (Vote Now!)

Norman Solomon: The Silent Winter of Escalation

December 8, 2008 Is Afghanistan the same as Vietnam? Of course, competent geographers would say no. But the United States is the United States.

John Sevigny: Mexico’s Perfect Dictatorship

December 6, 2008 Bodies pile up, jobs vanish, and Mexico’s “perfect dictatorship” positions itself for a comeback.

Erica Wright: The Tempter or the Tempted

December 3, 2008 If adolescent craze Twilight is pushing an abstinence agenda, what's wrong with that?

Robert Reich: The Great Crash of 2008

December 2, 2008 The only way to revive Main Street is to get America back on the course of rising median incomes.

Steve Fraser: Beyond the Bailout State

December 1, 2008 Roosevelt's Brain Trust vs Obama's Brainiacs.

Katie Halper: Bush Will Be Remembered for His Rule of Law, Sense of Justice, and Clemency (for Turkeys)

November 28, 2008 Bush is often portrayed as (and is, actually,) the governor who executed more people than any other governor in modern history. Because, like the Lord, the Bush giveth and he taketh away.

Norman Solomon: The Ideology of No Ideology

November 25, 2008 No amount of flowery rhetoric or claims of transcendent non-ideology should deter tough scrutiny.

Robert Reich: How Obama is Already Taking Charge

November 23, 2008 How does Obama manage to fill the leadership vacuum created by a lame-duck president and a Treasury chief who has all but punted on coming up with any workable solution to the economic crisis?

Norman Solomon: A Media Parable for ‘the Center’

November 20, 2008 It’s been 16 years since a Democrat moved into the White House. Now, the fog of memory and the spin of media are teaming up to explain that Barack Obama must hew to “the center” if he knows what’s good for his presidency.

Marya Hornbacher: Seeing War Through Borrowed Eyes

November 18, 2008 When Megan Rye's brother returned from his tour in Iraq with over two thousand photographs marked by his uncanny skill and observation, she began painting them. The result is a nearly photorealistic series of images so quietly powerful the viewer tends to tumble into them headfirst.

John Sevigny: Just Passing Through

November 16, 2008 While in the U.S. the immigration issue has been buried under more "urgent" news, in Mexico U.S-bound Central American immigrants are facing a more dangerous trek than ever.

Jake Whitney: Is The Awful Legacy of Lee Atwater Finally Dead?

November 14, 2008 While John McCain descended to some sickening lows in the 2008 presidential race, his dysfunctional campaign was merely the retarded grandchild—and if we're lucky, the last of the bloodline—of the godfather of Republican mudslinging, Lee Atwater.

Tom Engelhardt: Don’t Let Barack Obama Break Your Heart

November 13, 2008 If Obama accepts a War on Terror framework, as he already seems to have, he may soon find himself locked into all sorts of unpalatable situations, as once happened to another Democratic president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who opted to escalate an inherited war when what he most wanted to do was focus on domestic policy.

Robert Reich: The Real Difference Between Bankruptcy and Bailout

November 12, 2008 The Treasury seems to have lost sight of its real client. It's client is not the creditors, shareholders, or executives of any of these firms. Its sole client is the American people.

Katie Halper: Gulf War Syndrome 2.0 (For Veterans Day)

November 11, 2008 US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are being exposed to toxic chemicals that pose serious health risks.

David Bollier: Designing the Obama Presidency

November 10, 2008 Will he build an open-source republic or a walled-garden of control?

Robert Reich: The Mini Depression and the Maximum-Strength Remedy

November 9, 2008 Fiscal hawks and conservative supply siders notwithstanding, a major stimulus is in order. Government is the spender of last resort, and the nation is coming close to its last resort.

Rebecca Solnit: The Jubilant Birth of the Obama Era

November 7, 2008 We must be realistic about an Obama presidency in order to avoid disappointment.

Norman Solomon: A Mandate for Spreading the Wealth

November 6, 2008 Barack Obama won the presidency after clearly saying that he wants to spread the wealth. Let’s make him do it.

Patricia Briggs: Documenting the Political Divide: The Photos of Ann Marsden

November 4, 2008 From her vantage point as a credentialed press photographer, Ann Marsden's camera cuts in close to the principle political players just as the familiar media images shown on television and printed in newspapers do; yet her photographs offer unfamiliar views of the candidates.

Katie Halper: Women and Gays for John McCain

November 3, 2008 Voting against your interests. (Video)

Dustin L. Nelson: Translating the Polls into Electoral Votes

November 2, 2008 With only hours left until the 2008 presidential election what do all the polls mean in terms of electoral votes?

David Doody: Stories of Change

October 31, 2008 While I hear many things that should assuage my fears about Tuesday, I am still nervous.

Andrew J. Bacevich: Expanding War, Contracting Meaning

October 30, 2008 The next President and the Global War on Terror.

Swetha Regunathan : City of Otherly Love

October 27, 2008 Reflections on canvassing in Northeast Philly.

Norman Solomon: Needed for This Election: A Great Rejection

October 27, 2008 People’s votes are entirely their own, to do with as they see fit. But the right to do something is distinct from the wisdom of doing it.

Norman Solomon: In the Battle for a Progressive Congress

October 23, 2008 Moving a progressive agenda on Capitol Hill will require more than defeating Republicans. It will require electing strong progressives.

Tom Engelhardt: F is for Failure, The Bush Doctrine in Ruins

October 22, 2008 While we hear a lot about Bush's job-approval ratings and the media focus on Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the record of his Global War on Terror has yet to be fully assessed.

Election Integrity: A sampling of ongoing reports on widespread voter suppression

October 21, 2008 Volunteers at the Center for Media and Democracy’s Election Protection Wiki continue to collect reports of ongoing voter suppression. It's not pretty.

Robert Reich: What Actually Needs to be Done About the Meltdown

October 21, 2008 Banks are hording money to improve true balance sheets because of the off-balance sheet vehicles created over the past several years. Until Wall Street actually lends directly to Main Street the problems will continue.

David Doody: Michele Bachmann ‘Represents’ Minnesota on Hardball

October 20, 2008 Admitting that the United States is imperfect is not the same as being "Anti-American."

Joel Whitney: Former Diebold Election Official Blows the Whistle

October 17, 2008 Chris Hood, formerly of Diebold Voting Systems (makers of electronic voting machines), describes in a video interview the many problems of modern voting

Joel Whitney: Following a Lie

October 16, 2008 From the New York Sun to Jerome Corsi's Obama Nation, to the Washington Times, the lie about Obama that the right-wing media just won't put to rest.

Robert Reich: Post-Meltdown Mythologies: Americans Have Been Living Beyond Their Means

October 15, 2008 The "living beyond our means" argument, with its thinly-veiled suggestion of moral terpitude, is technically correct, but it does not take into account that since 2000 median family income has been dropping.

Tom Engelhardt: Living in the Ruins. My Depression — or Ours?

October 14, 2008 When speaking of Depression these days most news stories are focused on the economy and not people.

Norman Solomon: Requiem for the Bailout Storyline

October 13, 2008 The $700 billion bailout of Wall Street is another example of trickle-down policy and while some were calling for a trickle-up approach, the news media stampeded Congress into approving the bailout.

Robert Reich: Deficit Shackles

October 10, 2008 Will January, 2009 repeat January 1993?

Rick Ayers: Is There an American Eligible For the Nobel Prize?

October 9, 2008 The comments this week of Horace Engdahl suggesting that an American is unlikely to win the Nobel Prize in Literature have provoked great patriotic upswellings in the U.S., but there's something to what he said.

Chalmers Johnson: Voting the Fate of the Nation

October 8, 2008 Will economic meltdown, race, or regional loyalty be the trump card in Election 2008?

Norman Solomon: Projecting an Obama Victory

October 6, 2008 The McCain/Palin ticket will almost certainly benefit from the latest round of mud-slinging and racism, but they also stand to profit from overconfidence in voters in Obama's ability to win.

Robert Reich: Early Boomers and the Economic Mess

October 3, 2008 The economic meltdown is hurting everyone. But if you’re an early baby boomer over the age of 55, you may be in particularly big trouble.

Steve Fraser: The Specter of Wall Street

October 2, 2008 Wall Street's comeback as the place Americans love to hate.

David Bollier: When Free Market Fantasies Collapse

October 1, 2008 The Wall Street meltdown requires us to recognize markets as social creations -- and to reinvent our politics accordingly.

Robert Reich: The Stalled Deal

September 30, 2008 As partisan finger-pointing takes place over the Bailout of All Bailouts being voted down, Robert Reich offers his prediction for what bill will be enacted.

David Doody: Obama and the Art of Argument

September 29, 2008 In conceding that John McCain was correct on some issues in the first presidential debate, Barack Obama showed he takes those issues seriously enough to see them from all sides.

Luc Sante: Summer in the City

September 28, 2008 A story of death and infrastructure: When a car topples a building cops and neighbors alike do what they can to avoid thinking about what could be next.

Jay Walljasper: It’s Time to Reconsider Government Ownership of Companies

September 27, 2008 As we bail out Wall Street, America can learn an economic lesson from Germany’s most successful beer.

Norman Solomon: Finally, the Story of the Whistleblower Who Tried to Prevent the Iraq War

September 26, 2008 To understand in personal, political and historic terms -- what Katharine Gun did, how the British and American governments responded, and what the U.S. news media did and did not report -- is to gain a clear-eyed picture of a military-industrial-media complex that plunged ahead with the invasion of Iraq shortly after her brave action of conscience.

William J. Astore: Hey, Government! How About Calling on Us?

September 25, 2008 The New Deal's Civilian Conservation Corps, the CCC, called unemployed Americans to the civic colors in enormous numbers in truly tough times and helped do something we need again today: the rebuilding of crumbling American infrastructure.

Robert Reich: Why Paulson and Bernanke are only Partly Correct, and Why Main Street Needs More Direct Help

September 24, 2008 Many of the average taxpayers being asked to take on Wall Street’s bad loans are the same people whose incomes are dropping. If Congress only pays attention to Wall Street, Wall Street's bad debts will continue to rise.

Norman Solomon: Too Big to Fail and Too Small to Matter

September 23, 2008 The tale of two countries. Unfortunately they are both America.

Parker Chehak: A Filibuster Proof Congress

September 23, 2008 Solely focusing on the presidential election can be dangerous. It was a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, after all, that allowed for The New Deal.

Chip Ward: The Evolution of John McCain

September 22, 2008 Why John McCain picked Sarah Palin, Carbon Queen.

Luc Sante: That’s When Your Heartaches Begin

September 21, 2008 What if a record could change the world? Would anyone be willing to listen to it?

Robert Reich: What Wall Street Should Be Required to Do, to Get A Blank Check From Taxpayers

September 21, 2008 The public is asking: Why should Wall Street get bailed out by me when I’m getting screwed?

David Bollier: Publishers Take Aim at Open Access

September 20, 2008 Members of Congress join the publishing industry in trying to lock up taxpayer-funded medical research.

Robert Reich: The Coming Bailout of All Bailouts Bill: A Better Alternative

September 20, 2008 Robert Reich continues the discussion of the bailouts of all bailouts, arguing that for any big financial institution that wants to clear its books the process should resemble chapter 11 under bankruptcy.

Robert Reich: The Bailout of All Bailouts is a Bad Idea

September 19, 2008 Talk yesterday about the Bailouts of All Bailouts eased market fears and generated a giant rally on the Street, but how realistic is it?

Steve Fraser: The End of a Gilded Age

September 18, 2008 Wall Street and Washington: How the rules of the game have changed.

John Sevigny: Blood and Shame in Morelia, Michoacan

September 17, 2008 Eight people were killed and more than 100 injured Monday night when a pair of fragmentation grenades exploded during a crowded, Independence Day celebration in Morelia, capital of Michoacan state.

David Bollier: Paying for Wall Street’s Speculative Greed

September 16, 2008 What 'We the People' really means: Having lost the political fights for strong banking regulation, we face a lose-lose scenario -- massive bailouts or economic collapse.

Robert Reich: Why Wall Street is Melting Down, and What to Do About It

September 15, 2008 The fundamental problem on Wall Street isn't lack of capital. It's lack of trust. Bailouts and subsidies won't rebuild trust.

Dustin L. Nelson: On David Foster Wallace (1962-2008)

September 14, 2008 Remembering David Foster Wallace.

Bev Harris : Pick Quick, the Line’s Growing

September 13, 2008 A new "time out" feature that kicks voters off of voting machines after 150 seconds of inactivity, record voter participation, and estimates of voter list density based on 2004 information rather than 2008, all add up to difficulty at the polls.

Tom Engelhardt: Slaughter, Lies, and Video in Afghanistan

September 12, 2008 The Value of One, the Value of None: An anatomy of collateral damage in the Bush Era.

Norman Solomon: Dubious Praise for ‘The Daily Show’

September 11, 2008 Absent from the fawning corporate media coverage of "The Daily Show" is evident self-awareness that the elaborate praise is a tacit form of convoluted self-loathing.

David Bollier: Who Owns the Public View?

September 10, 2008 The billboard industry is pushing for new laws to prevent trees on public land from blocking billboards.

David Doody: A Missed Opportunity

September 9, 2008 Rappers at the Take Back Labor Day Concert didn't do enough to speak to the young people in the crowd.

Michael Schwartz: Who Lost Iraq?

September 8, 2008 Is the Maliki Government jumping off the American Ship of State?

Chehak Rock

September 8, 2008 Guernica's former art and photography editor's big show opens in NYC.

Robert Reich: Fannie and Freddie, as Predicted

September 7, 2008 Because of the implicit government guarantee, Fannie and Freddie could take on even more risks and make even more money. Until now.

David Doody: Some Things I Learned From the Speeches

September 6, 2008 The politicizing of issues that, apparently, should be too human for politics.

Frederick S. Lane: A Decent Decision, But Fleeting?

September 5, 2008 The current Supreme Court may not quite be the Court that the Religious Right would like deciding a case having to do with decency issues, but it may be close enough.

Norman Solomon: Beyond the Conventions

September 4, 2008 The differences between Democrats and Republicans are even greater than the convention speeches are apt to indicate, and the effect of another Republican president cannot be downplayed.

Coldsnap Legal Collective: MEDIA RELEASE

September 3, 2008 Over 300 protesters, bystanders, media, and medics arrested at RNC. Two minors convicted of contempt, sentenced to 30 days in adult jail.

Michael T. Klare: Putin’s Ruthless Gambit

September 2, 2008 The Bush Administration falters in a geopolitical chess match.

Frederick Lane: Press Release

September 1, 2008 Palin Pick for VP Makes McCain Panderer-in-Chief.

Robert Reich: McCain, Palin, and the Important Difference Between Boldness and Riskiness

August 31, 2008 As Barack Obama lays out a bold plan for reforming the economy and redirecting foreign policy, John McCain offers plans and decisions that are anything but bold.

Dustin L. Nelson: I am Robin Gunningham

August 28, 2008 What is the benefit of unmasking a great artist?

Edith Mirante: The Ruby Ape: A Deadly Storm and a Lethal Regime. Part 2

August 27, 2008 The lack of relief to Burma and the rescue fantasy the Burmese people have endured for years.

Edith Mirante: The Ruby Ape: A Deadly Storm and a Lethal Regime. Part 1

August 26, 2008 Revisiting Nargis: How Burma's regime and its connections to the rest of the world compound the country's problems.

David Bollier: Who Owns “The Last Best Place”?

August 25, 2008 Montana beats back the privatization of a beloved phrase.

Chalmers Johnson: The Past Destroyed: Five Years Later

August 24, 2008 A new introduction to Chalmers Johnson's 2005 piece on the destruction of Iraq's heritage, 'Smash of Civilizations.'

An Ode to Labor Day

August 23, 2008 Robert Reich reminisces on his first "job" and the meaning of Labor Day.

Crossing Borders, Expanding Equality, and Seeking Justice

August 21, 2008 As same-sex couples and their wedding parties cross borders and affirm marriages, Massachusetts and California will be exporting equality.

John McCain’s Disingenuous Years

August 20, 2008 Some people still believe things about John McCain that stopped being true years ago. (My follow-up to Robert Reich's blog post yesterday on Guernica.)

McCain, Obama, and the Inherent Advantage of Caring More About Ends Than Means

August 19, 2008 Those who are willing to do anything to achieve their ends will always have a tactical advantage over those who regard the means as ends in themselves.

Progressives and Obama: The Clash of Narratives

August 18, 2008 Being a critical supporter of a candidate is neither a betrayal of the candidate nor a betrayal of principles.

Is Fair Use Regaining Its Mojo?

August 16, 2008 “Girl Talk” courageously samples music without asking permission.

Is Perpetual War Our Future?: Learning the Wrong Lessons from the Bush Era

August 15, 2008 Part two of Andrew Bacevich's series on "the American military crisis."