Rebecca Morgan Frank in Best New Poets 2008

August 14, 2008 Guernica prides itself on a unique embrace of art and politics. I would be lying if I said finding that balance in poetry is easy.

The New York Sun’s Obama Frame-Up

August 14, 2008 Two months ago, I wrote about The New York Sun's inaccurate attempt to draw ties between Senator Barack Obama and Islamic extremism in Kenya. The chief problem with The Sun's reporting was that while the ties may have been there, the Islamic extremism was definitely not.

Sleight of Mind

August 13, 2008 Novelists are magicians, too.

The Fed and Authoritarian Capitalism

August 12, 2008 The Fed acting without congressional authority isn’t Chinese-type authoritarian capitalism, of course, but nor is it, strictly speaking, what we’ve come to expect from a democracy.

Illusions of Victory: How the United States Did Not Reinvent War… But Thought It Did

August 12, 2008 Between what President Bush called upon America's soldiers to do and what they were capable of doing loomed a huge gap that defines the military crisis besetting the United States today.

Would Thomas Jefferson Refuse to Recycle?

August 9, 2008 It’s time to recover the meaning of the word “independence.”


August 8, 2008 Luc Sante offers a story of a man's attempt to meander through the Midwest, leading to an unexpected place and time.

Redefining the Pill: Bush Administration Calls Contraception ‘Abortion’

August 7, 2008 An administration that has done everything in its power to oppose abortion goes after the main thing that can prevent unwanted pregnancies and proposes policy that virtually assures there will be more abortions.

Steinbeck, Hemon and Our Progressive Zeitgeist

August 6, 2008 Jennifer Nix tells us how literature changes the world.

Never Again, Again

August 4, 2008 The Olympics are nearly upon us, and China continues to ignore the people of Darfur. Perhaps they can offer assistance if and when the genocide ends.

Follow This Dime: Why Misgovernment Was No Accident in George W. Bush’s Washington

August 4, 2008 A how-to history of the conservative era -- specifically how to destroy a government, leave Americans in the lurch, and enrich yourselves all at the same time.

Democratic Platform Option: ‘Guaranteed Health Care for All’

July 31, 2008 H.R. 676 -- the single-payer bill introduced by Rep. John Conyers that now has 90 co-sponsors in the House -- would guarantee publicly funded, privately delivered health care for everyone in the United States.

Aspartame: One teabag, one spoonful of neurotoxins and a splash of milk

July 30, 2008 Is the illusion of sugar, coupled with the perception of being able to "have your cake and eat it, too," actually worth what else can come with that illusion?

The Military-Industrial Complex: It’s Much Later Than You Think

July 28, 2008 The privatization of the military and intelligence communities has, to great consequence, become more and more common since the Reagan administration.

The Heart of the Economic Mess

July 26, 2008 The only lasting remedy for the current economic downturn is to improve Americans' standard of living by widening the circle of prosperity.

What’s Wrong with Gay (or Straight) Parents Raising Gay Kids?

July 25, 2008 If legitimate research found that 100 percent of children raised by same-sex couples developed same-sex attractions, it just wouldn't matter

John McCain Gets It Wrong…Again

July 24, 2008 After a couple of geographic mix-ups John McCain recently misspoke on the subject about which he claims to be an expert.

A Short Primer on McCainomics Versus Obamanomics: Top-Down or Bottom-Up

July 23, 2008 In a global economy the propositions of top-down economics are highly questionable. The tenets of bottom-up economics will result in greater prosperity in America.

Having the ‘Best Military’ Is Not Always a Good Thing: Reclaiming Our Citizen-Soldier Heritage

July 20, 2008 As we seal ourselves away from war's horrors, we're correspondingly finding it easier to speak of "warfighters" and to boast of having the world's best military.

Enclosing the Offshore Commons

July 19, 2008 Once again, Bush is using fear and deception to dismiss facts and steamroll the opposition.

The Perils of Parables

July 17, 2008 With the Obama campaign trying to make inroads in the evangelical community it is easy to see the perils of mixing politics and religion and why we should be moving away from identity politics as the guiding principle of our campaigns.

The End of the Great Moderation, the Bailouts of Freddie & Fannie and Wall Street, and the Tattered Safety Net for Everyone Else

July 16, 2008 The "Great Moderation" led the nation to think we didn't need much by way of social insurance. We are now seeing why we need those safety nets.

The Mohammad Cartoons Then and Now: Defending Satire

July 15, 2008 Even if we were offended by the New Yorker cover, we all must speak up for the right to offend. Discussions of "taste" or "respect" are insidious code words for censorship.

The Wedding Crashers

July 14, 2008 A Short Till-Death-Do-Us-Part History of Bush's Wars

The ‘Flash Mob’ Gambit

July 12, 2008 Are South Koreans demonstrating a new model of citizen action?

Fannie, Freddie, and the Pending Taxpayer Bailout

July 11, 2008 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are too big to fail, which means Bear Stearns squared. The taxpayers will get stuck with the tab again.

Obama and the Progressive Base

July 10, 2008 The best way to avoid becoming disillusioned is to not have illusions in the first place.

Colombia Hostage Rescue Cause for Joy and Sadness

July 9, 2008 The liberation of the hostages has conveniently shifted media focus away from yet another political scandal in which the administration of Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe finds itself mired.

The Iraqi Oil Ministry’s New Fave Five

July 8, 2008 All the Oil News That's Fit to Print (Attn: The New York Times).

McCain’s Budget Whopper

July 7, 2008 How exactly does John McCain propose to balance the budget by the end of his first term? By telling Americans that supply-side economics works even though they know it doesn't.

Notorious Alabama Politician Keynotes White Supremacist Conference

July 3, 2008 Since 1998 26 public officials, nearly all republicans, have spoken to the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group denounced by then-head of the GOP, Jim Nicholson, because of its racist views.

Why Dissent?

July 2, 2008 Why do justices feel compelled to dissent, especially at great length?

Brazil: The Progress Myth

July 2, 2008 The great and mighty Amazon is slowly being brought to its knees in the name of progress.

The Wage Gap is being Fueled by the Gas Gap

July 1, 2008 How the price of gas fuels the widening of the wage gap in America.

The Good News in Iraq (Don’t Count on It)

June 30, 2008 Given the situation of Iraq more than five years after the invasion, to speak of the urge to surge and its results as "success" or as "good news" is essentially obscene.

Unleash Fiscal Policy Now, or More Severe Recession Ahead

June 29, 2008 Now that it is clear that the Fed can't and won't stimulate the economy, fiscal policy is the sole remaining vehicle.

Tapping into the Power to Share

June 28, 2008 Health Commons aspires to build a new ecosystem for research.

Living on the Ice Shelf: Humanity’s Meltdown

June 28, 2008 Welcome to the Anthropocene, an Earth epoch defined by the emergence of urban-industrial society as a geological force -- and get used to it.

What Were They Thinking? United States v. Williams and Free Speech

June 27, 2008 The latest decision in a disturbing line of Congressional actions and Supreme Court decisions that cloak encroachments on the First Amendment in the pious garb of protecting children.

Poetry for Pride Month

June 25, 2008 Stephen Burt on the tradition of gay poetry.

Generic Drugs, an Endangered Commons*

June 24, 2008 Big drug companies are using their clout to stifle and delay generic competition. We pay billions of dollars more.

No Blood for… er… um…

June 23, 2008 The Oil Majors Take a Little Sip of the Ol' Patrimony.

‘No’ to Further Offshore Drilling

June 21, 2008 Why making more federal land and offshore rights available for drilling makes no sense.

Health Care and Ghosts of War

June 19, 2008 The insurance and hospital industries at the center of health care in the United States are profiting from priorities that condemn many people to death, while corporate enterprises continue to make a killing from U.S. military expenditures.

The Greatest Story Never Told: Finally, the U.S. Mega-Bases in Iraq Make the News

June 17, 2008 The U.S. Mega-Bases in Iraq are basically modern American ziggurats. They are the cherished monuments of the Bush administration, meant to long outlast it. They are also crucial facts on the ground, when it comes to George W. Bush's Iraq policy, and yet they have been largely missing from the American landscape.

Strange Bedfellows: Lesbian Moms and Anti-Gay Legal Groups

June 16, 2008 The reasons behind a right-wing, anti-gay legal group helping out a lesbian mother.

Beware People’s Intentions

June 15, 2008 What are the real motives behind big companies' philanthropic campaigns?

Deadly ‘Diplomacy’

June 12, 2008 As George W. Bush lays more flagstones along the path to war on Iran, mainline U.S. news media is, as it was leading up to the war on Iraq, incomplete.

Why is Gas at $4 a Gallon?

June 12, 2008 The perfect storm attributing to oil's price rise.

‘E’ for Expeditionary: One Man’s Online Journey through Bush’s Alphabet Soup

June 10, 2008 A frequent contributor to Guernica, Tom Engelhardt, offers his description of his own online "expeditionary" journey through George W. Bush's world -- a little up-to-the-minute alternative history of these mad years when Bush the Younger ruled.

Losing Latin America: What Will the Obama Doctrine Be Like?

June 10, 2008 In another moment of crisis and ebbing power what will a U.S. administration work out next in a Latin America that has pulled away from its domination?


June 9, 2008 Guestblogger Luc Sante on the time when graffiti truly became an artform in New York.

Obama and the Kenya Deception

June 9, 2008 The New York Sun falls for bogus campaign hype... in Kenya.

When a Little Dissent Is Too Much

June 6, 2008 The price one journalist paid for telling the truth.

A Personal Reflection on Why Obama Should Not Choose HRC as his VP

June 5, 2008 Robert Reich on the Vice President question.

Obama, Clinton and Anger to Burn

June 3, 2008 Now that the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination is over what will be the result of the anger that contest produced?

The Court and the Cross: The Religious Right’s Crusade to Reshape the Supreme Court

June 2, 2008 An excerpt from The Court and the Cross: The Religious Right's Crusade to Reshape the Supreme Court, wherein the ultimate goal of the Christian Right is starkly revealed: the forcible baptism of the United States as a "Christian Nation."

How much is that Bushman in the window?

May 29, 2008 In Botswana human rights come after diamonds.

McCain (Mis)Speaks

May 29, 2008 How the Senator Won the War of Words in Iraq (again and again and again…)

Why McCain’s ‘Cap-and-Trade’ Won’t Work Nearly as Well as Obama’s

May 28, 2008 The important part of a cap-and-trade system is how the permits are allocated.

Wikileakes Release: John McCain US Presidential Election Clinton Astroturfing Strategy

May 27, 2008 McCain team claims Clinton strategy memo a frame-up.

River of Resistance: How the American Imperial Dream Foundered in Iraq

May 23, 2008 After years of Iraqis paying a terrible price it is past time for the rest of the world to shoulder at least a small share of the burden of resistance.

Economic Inequality is Squeezing the Middle Class

May 21, 2008 The decline of the professional middle class is due to something far more pervasive than just individuals harboring too high expectations and poor money management skills.

The Real Source of Gladiator Politics

May 20, 2008 Will the level of presidential campaign discourse actually be raised this time around? Do the American people even want it to be?

Shifting Climates on the Roof of the World

May 18, 2008 The Way Forward for Tibet.

Kiss American Security Goodbye: 15 Numbers That Add Up to an Age of Insecurity

May 16, 2008 Since the events of September 11, 2001 the course of action of the Bush administration, as well as its inability to foresee and deal with crises facing this country, have led to a situation far from secure.

The Petrification of John McCain

May 15, 2008 How a once flexible and even maverick politician lost all resistance to the threats of evangelical indifference in November.

A Housing Bill That’s Better Than Nothing

May 14, 2008 The housing bill currently in Congress would lead to, at best, a fraction of the refinancings needed, which is better than nothing. But President Bush may not even want to go that far.

Civilizing Brazil’s Native Indians

May 13, 2008 In Brazil, in the name of civilization, indigenous people are mistreated and displaced from land that the law says is not theirs.

The World at 350: A Last Chance for Civilization

May 11, 2008 The importance of the number 350 in a post-Kyoto world.

Obama’s Clarifying Win: The Fly on the Wall Is the Wall

May 7, 2008 Norman Solomon on Tuesday's results.

The Last War and the Next One: Descending into Madness in Iraq — and Beyond

May 4, 2008 The last war won't end, but in the Pentagon they're already arguing about the next one.

La Fille

May 3, 2008 The Metropolitan Opera completes its second season of simulcast operas.

Happy Birthday, Justice Stevens

May 1, 2008 Do the Democratic presidential candidates put enough emphasis on the make-up of the Supreme Court?

What to Do About the Oil Crisis

April 30, 2008 The answer to the oil crisis is not in the Alaskan tundra or a tax holiday on gas. The answer is in a strong dollar and alternative sources of energy.

Julian Assange: The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine

April 29, 2008 Wikileaks investigative editor on the fourth estate.

Selling the President’s General: The Petraeus Story

April 28, 2008 As the Bush Administration waged a war of propaganda on the U.S. media and U.S. citizens, General David Petraeus became the "face" of the administration, with adoring media members fawning over him during his ascension.

Party Like It’s 1932: The Obama Option

April 21, 2008 The similarities between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama: History could repeat itself.

Charlton Heston and the Separation of Church and State

April 19, 2008 How the Religious Right's decades-long efforts to reshape the federal judiciary may finally begin to bear fruit.

Leaving Cheyenne Mountain: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Loathe the Bomb

April 17, 2008 Though the U.S. won the Cold War, we never stopped looking at the rest of the world suspiciously.

Wading Through the Mainstream

April 15, 2008 Mainstream media likes its buzz words and catch phrases. Luckily there are those out there pointing out the absurdity of only relying on these limited words and phrases.

Obama, Bitterness, Meet the Press, and the Old Politics

April 14, 2008 As the U.S. heads into the worst economic crisis in a half century or more doesn't it make sense that some people might be bitter?

Catch 2,200: 9 Propositions on the U.S. Air War for Terror

April 10, 2008 In its Global War on Terror the Bush administration increasingly relies on air power to "take out" the enemy, with little attention given to the civilians taken out as well, or to the consequences this type of strike has on the U.S.

The Economic Costs of the Endless War

April 8, 2008 The war in Iraq is affecting the U.S. economy, just maybe not in the way you think.

Single Women and the US Women’s Movement: Insights from India

April 7, 2008 Why the Women's Movements of India and the U.S. are so different when it comes to single women.

Wikileaks releases U.S. intelligence summary on Iranian infiltration, Al-Sadr, Mahdi army, et al

April 5, 2008 While the U.S. obsessed about Iran a top Iraqi police general provided Al Sadr's Mahdi Army with U.S. weapons and intelligence.

‘Desperate Conditions’

April 4, 2008 A new report on Burma Refugees in Malaysia.

On Being Numerous: National Poetry Month 2008

April 2, 2008 Converting poetry skeptics, one month at a time.

Empire or Humanity? What the Classroom Didn’t Teach Me About the American Empire

April 1, 2008 Howard Zinn on U.S. imperialism past and present.

Weaponizing the Pentagon’s Cyborg Insects: A Futuristic Nightmare That Just Might Come True

March 31, 2008 The Pentagon-sponsored project that sounds like a nightmare scenario straight out of the wilder realms of science fiction.

NPR News: National Pentagon Radio?

March 27, 2008 NPR is supposed to be willing to go where commercial networks fear to tread, but is the public actually getting this from its public radio?

Wikileaks Press Release: Secret military memo exposes unbelievable prison conditions in Fallujah

March 27, 2008 Wikileaks releases a classified military memo written last month by the commander of U.S forces in western Iraq, Maj. Gen. John Kelly, exposing horrific conditions in Iraq's Fallujah jail.

The Battle of Baghdad: Iraq’s Most Fearsome Militia, the U.S. military, on the Offensive

March 24, 2008 In early April, General David Petraeus will report to President Bush and the Democratic Congress on the state of post-surge Iraq. The version he gives in Washington, however, will exclude many details about the reality in Baghdad.

Moral Hazard Redux

March 21, 2008 There's a double standard in America when it comes to economic risk-taking: When the risk fails the little guys get tough love, while the big guys get forgiveness.

Whistleblower Site Releases Censored Videos About Protests in Tibet

March 19, 2008 Wikileaks has released 35 censored videos relating to the protests in Tibet and has called on bloggers around the world to help drive the footage through the so called 'Great Firewall of China.'

Unsung Heroes and Alternate Voices: Some of The Best of Five Years of Iraq War Coverage

March 18, 2008 Among the often inadequate and sometimes embarrassing coverage of the war in Iraq, there have been shining moments of journalistic excellence. The following is a modest list of those who have accomplished such excellence.

Legal Insider Trading in Three Easy Steps, Brought to You by JP Morgan and the SEC

March 17, 2008 Wikileaks exposes JP Morgan's confidential insider trading program.

The Psychological Trauma of War

March 14, 2008 National Public Radio correspondent Margot Adler examines soldiers returning to the U.S. from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD and how the rest of us can connect with them when they do.

Warfare and Healthcare

March 13, 2008 Drastic cuts in the Pentagon budget would provide more than sufficient funds for universal health care.

The Bad News at the Pump: The $100-plus Barrel of Oil and What It Means

March 12, 2008 Will the recent spike in the price of crude oil prove distinctive in the annals of world history or will it be forgotten as energy prices drop, as they did in April 1980 after a record set during another moment of chaos in the Middle East?