The American Recession and the World’s Emerging Economies

March 11, 2008 The world's developing nations are no longer nearly as dependent as they used to be on consumers in the United States and other rich nations to keep them going by buying their exports. What will this de-coupling mean for the United States?

A Winning Argument: Loretta Alper and Jeremy Earp’s ‘War Made Easy’

March 10, 2008 The documentary adaptation of Guernica contributor Norman Solomon's War Made Easy opens its New York City theatrical premiere on March 14.

War is Hell, But What the Hell Does it Cost?: One Week at War in Iraq and Afghanistan for $3.5 Billion

March 7, 2008 Just how much do the Bush wars--Iraq, Afghanistan, GWOT--cost and where exactly is that money going?

Will HRC Spoil the Party?

March 5, 2008 Will Hillary Clinton's fight for the Democratic presidential nomination reduce the possibility of the eventual nominee entering the White House in January of 2009?

Hillary’s Stockholm Syndrome

March 4, 2008 Clinton may still favor some Democratic policies, but her tactics are veering further and further into Rove-Republican territory.

The War Election

March 4, 2008 By condemning the Iraq war as merely unwinnable instead of inherently wrong, the more restrained foes of the war helped to prolong the occupation that has inflicted so much carnage.

The Most Wanted List: International Terrorism

February 27, 2008 In light of the recent assassination of Imad Moughniyeh, a senior commander of Hizbollah, Noam Chomsky examines the definition of "the world" as used by the political class in Washington versus the rest of the world.

2008 and 1968

February 25, 2008 Looking back at the events of 1968 that splintered the Democratic Party and marked the beginning of the ascension of a new Republican majority, Robert Reich argues that, with the pendulum now swinging back to the left, the democrats will need someone who, like John F. and Robert Kennedy, is a realist who understands the importance of idealism in the service of realism.

Visiting the Torture Museum: Barbarism Then and Now

February 22, 2008 A war meant to be on terror has adopted the worst traditions of terror from pre-Enlightenment days, and its staunchest supporters have redefined the word "torture" in such a way that its perpetrators can, by their definition, honestly say America does not torture.

The Relevance of Nooses and Lynching in the Age of Obama

February 20, 2008 As Barack Obama's presidential campaign blurs the line of race in politics and places in the American psyche the very real possibility of the U.S. electing its first black president, it may be tempting to think that issues of race are behind us. Here, Sherrilyn A. Ifill reminds us that the economic, educational and political divide between whites and blacks is still alive and well, and cannot be overlooked even among the most positive of developments.

‘’ taken off line in many areas after fire, court injunction

February 18, 2008, a website dedicated to leaking documents that are "anonymous, untraceable, uncensorable," recently came up against some obstacles: a United States censorship injunction, hacker-attacks, and fire. In the face of it all, though, the website says it will keep on publishing.

The Lost Kristol Tapes: What the New York Times Bought

February 15, 2008 Just how close to an administration can someone be and not know what is going on, or rather, claim to not know what is going on and not be held accountable for it? Jonathan Schwarz examines the "horrifying ignorance and bold-faced deceit" of William Kristol to answer the question.

David Brooks is Wrong: America Can Afford What Needs to be Done

February 14, 2008 On the heels of George W. Bush's fiscal-political strategy of irresponsible supply-side tax cuts and military buildups, some question the ability of a Democratic president to follow through on campaign promises without breaking the bank. Here, Robert Reich offers three places a Democratic president could find the money.

‘Reality Is Totally Different’: Iraqis on ‘Success’ and ‘Progress’ in Their Country

January 28, 2008 Independent journalist and author of Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq Dahr Jamail gives accounts of life in Iraq from Iraqis that are, to say the least, inconsistent with claims from the Bush Administration.

The Politics of an Economic Nightmare

January 26, 2008 Robert Reich on what needs to be done about the worsening economy, and why none of the presidential candidates will admit it.

In Honor of My Mother and the Power of Love

January 25, 2008 One of Guernica's most important contributors, Norman Solomon, on the life and important work of his mother, Mariam A. Solomon, who died on January 20.

Going Bankrupt: Why the Debt Crisis Is Now the Greatest Threat to the American Republic

January 23, 2008 As global stock markets threaten to tank and the U.S. economy seems increasingly balanced on a dime (and a ton of debt), renowned author of The Blowback Trilogy, Chalmers Johnson, offers a magisterial piece on the potential for American imperial bankruptcy -- why it might happen and what it would mean.

Big, bad and busted: Wikileaks vs. Northern Rock

January 21, 2008 The transparency group Wikileaks bravely resists a gag order pertaining to the financial collapse of the UK's Northern Rock bank, a victim of the US subprime scandal which sent stocks into a tailspin this week.

The Beast Without a Brain: Why Horse Race Journalism Works for Journalists and Fails Us

January 21, 2008 Jay Rosen on the mindless group mentality of campaign journalism.

Leak: Blackwater, tear gas and other ‘non-lethal’ chemical weapons in Iraq

January 20, 2008 The New York Times is reporting on chemical weapons use in Iraq. But Wikileaks reported far graver accusations last year. A recap...

An Open Letter to Senator John Edwards: The Constitution Prohibits Secret Vote Counting!

January 18, 2008 Mark Adams looked into South Carolina’s use of its electronic voting machines, and discovered that it’s PROHIBITED by South Carolina’s Constitution.

Revolution of the Snails: Encounters with the Zapatistas

January 15, 2008 The Zapatista revolution turns 14.

Democrats Should Stop Squabbling Over Healthcare Mandates

January 13, 2008 Robert Reich on why Democrats need to focus on the similarities of their universal health care plans.

Perfecting the Death Penalty

January 11, 2008 In 2007 more than 60 percent of the executions carried out in the U.S. occurred in Texas, and officials there have claimed that no innocent person has ever been put to death in the Lone Star State. As the rest of the country changes its views on this issue, what keeps Texas so steadfast in its own?

The $100 Barrel of Oil vs. the Global War on Terror: The Bush Legacy (Take Two)

January 9, 2008 Last week, Tom Engelhardt offered his initial take, a year early, on the Bush legacy, "Journey to the Dark Side." Here he gives us take two in which he reflects on the lasting effects of the Global War on Terror.

Thanks for 2007, onto 2008

January 8, 2008 Guernica looks back on a year of awards, growth, and acclaim, with thanks to our readers.

Edwards Reconsidered

January 4, 2008 Norman Solomon reevaluates John Edwards in light of comments made by Dennis Kucinich about Barack Obama.

Journey to the Dark Side: The Bush Legacy (Take One)

January 2, 2008 When it came to news of Bush administration torture, kidnapping, and offshore imprisonment practices, 2007 ended in a deluge, not a trickle. Here, Tom Engelhardt offers a recap of the startling number of stories (many hardly noticed) on those subjects that appeared in December alone, as well as an initial attempt to get to the heart of the Bush legacy, one year early.