5 Queen’s Road

By Sorayya Khan
December 2015

A house is partitioned along the lines, and in the chaos, of the new independent nations of India and Pakistan.

The Book Lady of Kabul

By J. Malcolm Garcia
December 2015

Block by block she maneuvers through the teeming sidewalks of Kabul’s Shar-E-Naw shopping district until she enters Ice-Milk Restaurant, stops at tables.

The River Rises to Meet You

By Nicole Miller
November 2015

Alone, un-housed, we moved with the current, the future suspended like the long lines of a spider’s silk flung loose on the air.

Hidden in a Suitcase

By Michele Leavitt
November 2015

In search of the mother who gave her up for adoption, the author finds six siblings instead. Decades later, she contemplates the drug addiction that cost many of them their lives.

Fiction Tells a Truth That History Cannot

By Maaza Mengiste and Rodrigo Rey Rosa
November 2015

On being mentored by Breyten Breytenbach and Paul Bowles.

An Art Without an Artwork

By Tom Russell
November 2015

A summer of chess in Bryant Park.

Water in the Desert

By Beth Alvarado
October 2015

From 1952 to 1981, a chemical used to clean airplanes contaminated the groundwater in a Tucson community. By the time the city stepped in, thousands were already sick or dying.

Death of a Valley

By Lauren Markham
October 2015

In 1953, California sacrificed a town to stave its own thirst. But the act was futile, and the state is thirstier than ever.

On Mercy

By Lacy M. Johnson
October 2015

Reconciling a death sentence, from a pediatric cancer ward to death row.

The Author Is Purely a Name

By Elena Ferrante
October 2015

Fragments on writing, publishing, and being an anonymous worldwide phenomenon.

The Boundaries of Nature

September 2015

A Guernica special issue.

Myrrh in the Time of the Anthropocene

By Anna Badkhen
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: Each time my friend reaches for his resin, he taps into a global knowledge honed over millennia, a true people’s pharmacopeia.

Splitting the Moon

By Alan Lightman
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: A physicist considers the appeal of miracles.

The Age of Loneliness

By Meera Subramanian
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: When have humans ever looked at something we need, or even just want, and walked away?

History Is Who You’ve Lost

By Rita Gabis
September 2015

I, without knowing, dreamed parts of a truth. One part is this: my grandfather on my mother’s side was a murderer. Or was he?

Reintroductions and Other Translocations

By Kim Todd
August 2015

The water had been empty and now was full. This felt like what we should be doing with our human urge to meddle in natural affairs.

Flight of the Ruler

By Gabrielle Bellot
August 2015

A transwoman in exile.


By Lidia Yuknavitch
August 2015

Every story I have ever told has a kind of breach to it, I think. You could say that my writing isn’t quite right. That all the beginnings have endings in them.

The Rhino’s Last Stand

By Carly Nairn
July 2015

Is domestication a final hope for the world’s rhinos?

Stars in My Pocket Like Bits of Data

By Paul Stephens
July 2015

The poetics of information overload.

The Boundaries of Taste

June 2015

A Guernica special issue.

The Fifth Flavor

By Roland Kelts
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: Umami gives identity and intricacy to mother’s milk, a bowl of ramen, a writer poised between Japan and America.

The Rationalist

By Sonia Faleiro
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: Chased from his native India, Sanal Edamaruku contemplates the power of offense and accustoms himself to his new homeland.

Death Is a Way to Be

By C. Morgan Babst
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: If we dance around our dead in New Orleans, it is because we have to.

Murder in Uniform

By Talal Ansari
June 2015

Kashmir’s most infamous “fake encounter” leaves five families desperate for justice.

How to Teach a Nightmare

By Aisha Sabatini Sloan
June 2015

When I find out that Galway Kinnell has passed away, I will read The Book of Nightmares in a library, tears coating my face like sweat.

Unwanted Alive

By J. Malcolm Garcia
May 2015

Since changes to US immigration law in the ’90s, many veterans are being deported.


By Sonya Lea
May 2015

Every day I expect to wake up and discover that the morphine has worn off, and that Richard is back to the man he was before the surgery. Instead, quiet.

The War of Forgetting

By Michelle García
May 2015

Inspired by Eduardo Galeano, the discovery that all wars—personal, territorial, political—have afterlives in our grief and memory.

They Seem to Be Immortal

By Zach St. George
April 2015

The expansive, ongoing fight to save the sequoias.

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