The Clown and the Caliphate

By Jennifer Percy
November 2016

Encounters with a man so bizarre ISIS wouldn’t keep him.

Going Where the Reindeer Go: Sami Culture at a Crossroads

By Zach St. George
November 2016

In Norway’s far north, members of Europe’s last intact nomadic culture struggle to adjust as development and climate change reshape the landscape and their future.

The Future of Cities

June 2016

A Guernica special issue.

Where There Is No Water and Nothing Grows

By Sunil Yapa
June 2016

The Future of Cities: If the reason Haiti suffers is just bad luck, some voodoo curse, then maybe we bear no responsibility, maybe we can confine it to some distant dimension.

Rich Eyes and Poor Hands

By Roberto Lovato
June 2016

The Future of Cities: In the aftermath of the most recent attacks in Paris, the writer considers a city wavering between gravity and light.

Cities of the Future

June 2016

The Future of Cities: Ten writers on the places they immigrated from, returned to, remember, call home.

Brooklyn Bound

By Dwyer Murphy
June 2016

The fight to extradite El Chapo.

Vital Signs

By Eva Hagberg Fisher
May 2016

She lost a piece of her brain and will never get it back.

Kiss of Death

By Daisy Hernández
May 2016

What does a neglected disease tell us about who we choose to take care of and why?

They Call Him Rrat

By Nora Hickey
May 2016

The unlikely bond between a hospice volunteer and a dying Vietnam veteran.

A Slight Risk

By Ashley Patronyak
May 2016

An American pregnancy in Manila.

Trying to Get Right

By Lucas Mann
April 2016

The breakthrough addiction medication and the doctors who risk everything to prescribe it.

My Father’s Aleppo

By Maurice Chammah
April 2016

An exodus, a return, and the questions that follow.

Natural Birth in the New America

By Kate Daloz
April 2016

Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery and the back-to-the-land movement.

The Pretensions of Pop

By Dan Fox
April 2016

A look at the secret, defining force in a field largely comprised of autodidacts and bedroom enthusiasts

Running Still

By Lynn Steger Strong
April 2016

Obsession as symptom, cause, and cure.

The Future of Language

March 2016

A Guernica special issue.

Teach Me to Be Me

By Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o
March 2016

Future of Language: We wanted to make Kenya our literary base from which to engage with the world.

Distant Brains

By Alena Graedon
March 2016

Future of Language: Scientists are experimenting with ways for people to communicate using only their minds. But at what cost?

Thick of Tongue

By John McWhorter
March 2016

Future of Language: So what exactly is this “black sound” I am insisting exists?

The Buddha of Kabul

By Taran N. Khan
March 2016

At Tepe Naranj, archaeologist Zafar Paiman is working to preserve the remnants of an ancient monastery—and the memory of Afghanistan’s Buddhist past.

Mother is Marxist

By Susan Briante
March 2016

The market scans my child, calculates pecuniary value.

Istanbul’s Wandering Songbirds

By Kaya Genç
February 2016

Street vendors are outlaws by definition.

Slow Thinking

By Anna Badkhen
February 2016

An Unnatural Pursuit.

To Anyang

By Ariel Lewiton
February 2016

Lost for words in the cradle of Chinese civilization.

Take My Name and Say It Slow

By Thomas Dai
February 2016

"But where are you really from?" they ask, and I never know who to answer for, Thomas or Nuocheng?

The Nostalgia Aesthetic

By Owen Hatherley
January 2016

How the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster became a global design icon.

The Boundaries of Nations

December 2015

A Guernica special issue.

Be Like Water

By Annia Ciezadlo
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The Nonviolent State of Iraq and Syria. The Republic-in-Motion of Lovers Not Fighters. The Government-in-Exile of People Who Just Want to Go to School.

Returning to Ethiopia

By Dinaw Mengestu
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: Exile had long since ceased to be a temporary condition, but what I hadn’t known was that, like love, it could deepen with time.