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Leaving Karachi

August 28, 2018
On the anniversary of the brutal partition of India, the author reflects on her uncle's coming-of-age in wartime Karachi: a child’s-eye view of power, identity, and a nation being ripped apart.

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

May 1, 2011
Each year at Disney World, thousands of interns earn academic credit for flipping burgers or parking cars. Ross Perlin learns about vague assignments, long hours, and the meaning of the phrase "protein spill."

Aceh Abandoned: The Second Tsunami

May 4, 2005
After a 13-year break, the U.S. is trying to improve relations with the Indonesian military. It is letting go of its concern about Indonesia’s human rights record that led Congress to curb military ties in 1992 and cut off Indonesia’s eligibility to buy certain kinds of lethal military equipment.