“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” -Walter Bagehot]

Here come the neo-cons again, says Steve Benen.

The Party of NO [ideas] (from the Washington Monthly).

Republicans: The Stupid party, according to Brad DeLong.

The Totalitarian Temptation and all that, by John Holbo.

What we need is a revolution to stop Obama the Communist, says Michelle Bachmann [Republican-Idiot, Minnesota]

Bushvilles (from the NYT).

Viva Cantor-Krugman? House GOP Backs Receivership For Insolvent Banks, says TPM.

Welcome to the new Hoovervilles, says Hilzoy.

In case you needed another reason to be skeptical of electronic voting machines read this.

As Napoleon said, never interfere when your enemy is doing your job for you – So true here, says Steve Benen.

Tipping Back the Scales – How Obama can reverse justice’s long slow slide to the right (from the Washington Monthly).



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