Since Guernica launched just before the 2004 U.S. presidential election, and on Picasso’s 123rd birthday, we’ve published work by writers and artists from over 35 countries, including original translations of poems and stories; we’ve posted in-depth interviews with Nobel and Pulitzer prize winners, Oscar winners, heads of state, not to mention emerging talents; we’ve shown you some of the most striking photography and paintings by some great artists of our time. But none of this is news to you–since you’ve been with us, many of you have emailed and told us, since the magazine’s inception.

The only way we know how to pay you back for your interest is to extend the exchange of ideas and aesthetics, gladly offering you more of what we do. So in weeks to come, we’ll be posting content toward what we might call an emerging superpowers issue: a conversation with writer Ha Jin conducted by Chris Gogwilt, an essay about India‘s other filmmakers, the activist documentarians who forego the fame and fortunes to be made in Bollywood to effect change among that nation’s most destitute. Josh Jones has interviewed photographer Sze Tsung Leong, who discusses the cost of hyper-rapid urban renewal in the midst of China’s economic boom. Also in December, Frederic Tuten guest-edits the fiction section. Tuten, to our magazine, is something of a superpower. (Have a look at his fiction and his conversation with playwright Tony Kushner and you’ll see why.)

And just into the new year, we’ll be launching our chap book anthology, featuring the best of Guernica’s unique mix of essays, stories, poems, art and interviews with newsmakers and inconoclasts from the U.S. and around the world. So if you’ve ever wondered how to read Guernica on a beach (this is wishful, wistful even, as temperatures have plummeted in New York this week) or on a train or plane, without getting sand in your laptop or running down your battery, you’ll want to know about this. Details to follow just after the holidays.

Thanks again, and happy New Year.

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