We received a number of emails about our April 1 interview with Dambisa Moyo, conducted by Guernica contributing writer Jake Whitney.

A reader named Steve writes:

    I agree with the assertions that aid is not working and is couched in implicit racism. But there’s a problem with “Studies show that you will never get democracy in a country where most of the citizens have very low levels of income.”

    This will come as news to voters in many countries, where democracy has almost always preceded the creation of a large middle class. It was the right to vote that enabled people to take power in legislatures and enact the legislation necessary to reform economic power relationships – progressive income taxation, workers compensation acts, the right to organize, creation of public higher education, etc.

Guernica reader Thomas writes:

    Interesting interview and I think Ms. Moyo may have a point.

    I haven’t read the book, but one industry that likes the status quo in Africa is the arms industry. Does she address the role arms manufacturers have in sustaining aid to Africa? African despots must be a big profit center for the arms industry.

More thoughts on Guernica‘s interview with Dambisa Moyo can be found here.

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