Adaeze ElechiBabies tend to make me sweat and fret–they’re sticky, they’re demanding, and they don’t speak English. But when I saw the trailer of Babies in the cinema a little while back, I unconsciously joined the room to “ooh,” and “aah,” and, because the cuteness was enough to fill one’s heart to bursting, press my hands against my chest.

The film documents one year in the lives of four infants living on different continents. The babies are from Namibia, Mongolia, Japan and the United States. Their locations and cultures could not be more different, but their adventures exploring, understanding and fitting into a new world are identical. It’s brand new in cinemas in the U.S. Here’s the trailer. I dare you not to coo…

Adaeze Elechi is the blog editor at Guernica.

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  1. Chomsky would “like” this if he were a facebook guy. His main contribution to linguistics was universal grammar. It’s my belief that language is exactly our perception of the world. It’s the story we tell ourselves about the world and one we use to understand it. And his work would indicate that as all these kids learn language, it will unfold in a human way that is the same for all of them. It’s very exciting to think this way.

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