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Rec Room: Alex Smith: A Collaboration with Nature

Alex_Smith-small.jpgThe most exciting part about Andy Goldsworthy’s work is his appreciation for the temporal. Goldsworthy is leading the newest charge in land art, pushing the ideas of experiencing art in its most natural form. Goldsworthy is well known for his jaunts into the wilderness, creating sculpture and form solely from the pieces of nature he sees around him. Flipping through his Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature, Goldsworthy exposes you to sculptures from bird carcasses, leaves sewn together, stones cracked and painted, and icicles melted and refrozen to create sculptures. The works themselves are entrancing, I stared at the photos for hours attempting to understand how one leaf could be three different colors, and how one man could create perfect geometries from the imperfect piles of stones available.

On looking through the book a second time I found what truly enchanted me about the works to begin with. It is not just the pieces that Goldsworthy is able to create, but the way in which he presents them. Most of the pieces he makes are only able to stay in their finished form for moments. Ice melts, leaves continue to rot, wind and weather interfere, but we only see them in the instance they are completed, their perfect state. The photographs capture that one second in time, but it forces me to wonder how the pieces would be read if they were found in their state, and not captured for presentation. Would they be as compelling? I suppose we will never know, but fortunately for us that perfect moment is still captured in his works.

Bio: Alex Smith is an intern at Guernica. Read her last recommendation “here”:

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