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Rec Room: Alex Smith: Shaun of the Dead

Alex_Smith-small.jpgThe build up to Halloween is my favorite holiday hype of the year. Every day you are inundated with advertisements for candy, Halloween TV specials, and scary movies on every channel. Personally scary movies actually scare me, I may be part of the small sector of the population that actually loses sleep after watching any one of the film’s in the Scream trilogy. This is where films like Shaun of the Dead come in. Though Halloween has passed those of us who can’t watch scary movies always appreciate a funny zombie film.

Shaun of the Dead is based on the typical Dawn of the Dead series of zombie films. Man wakes up, world is being slowly taken over by zombies, man decides to fight zombies, gathers a cluster of ridiculous characters and attempts to make it through the day. Where Shaun of the Dead is different is the sheer ridiculous manner in which Shaun and his best friend Ed tackle the zombie takeover of London.

The best part of Shaun of the Dead is not the zombies marching up and down the street, or the scenes of Shaun and Ed fighting, but the moments between the zombie scenes. Moments where Shaun and Ed quibble over which records should be used to decapitate zombies, New Order vs. Sade, or where Shaun and his friends decide the best way to survive the onslaught of zombies is to act like zombies themselves. From the same dialogue as the British version of The Office, Shaun of the Dead is a hilarious foray into the ridiculous world of Halloween movies and a great film for those of us who have trouble making it through actually scary films.

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