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Rec Room: Erica Wright: La Femme Nikita

erica_wright-small.jpg Me: I am crazy about The West Wing.

Unnamed “Friend”: Really? Because there’s this new show I think you’d really like. It’s called Quantum Leap.

It’s true that I have no business making television recommendations. I don’t actually own a television and am usually ten years behind the curve. But I genuinely believe a few people may have missed La Femme Nikita who must check out the first three seasons.

Based on the French film by Luc Besson, this show has a rabid fan base, but is often dismissed as trivial. While the last couple of seasons do have a touch of the ridiculous, the first few years are how spy drama should be done: no flashy special effects, just film noir twists. The basic plot surrounds a young woman, Nikita (played by Peta Wilson), who is recruited into a covert counterterrorism organization that is ruthless (and morally questionable) in its pursuits. It is impossible to tell the good guys from the bad guys, even when they’re sleeping with each other. The show is structured around complex plots, not unlike Joel Surnow’s more recent creation 24—which unsurprisingly I have never seen, but have heard is very good.

Bio: Erica Wright is the poetry editor at Guernica. Her “interview with John Ashbery”:, “Houses at Night,” appeared in Guernica’s February 2008 issue. Read her last recommendation “here”:

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  1. Comment by Francesco Sinibaldi on November 19, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    That’s the desire of a beautiful day.

    Today, in the
    air, there’s an
    intense brightness,
    a luminous call
    that sweetly desires
    a loving intention;
    today, in my
    heart, a delicate
    season invents
    in a moment
    the juvelile care
    of a magical light.

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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