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Rec Room: Joel Whitney: Andrew Sullivan

Joel_Whitney-small.jpg In Andrew Sullivan’s December 1 blog at The Atlantic, he announces he’s finally taking leave of his political base, the right.

In his blog, Sullivan delineates a litany of right-wing failures and hypocrisy that begins,

“I cannot support a movement that claims to believe in limited government but backed an unlimited domestic and foreign policy presidency that assumed illegal, extra-constitutional dictatorial powers until forced by the system to return to the rule of law.

I cannot support a movement that exploded spending and borrowing and blames its successor for the debt.”

I find this stunning, and satisfying, of course. But also worrisome. So many of the right’s most reasonable voices are fleeing. Who will tame them, and how will they plot without their most reasonable voices? I guess they weren’t listening anyway.

Bio: Joel is a founding editor of Guernica. His last article, an “interview with Noam Chomsky”:, appeared in Guernica’s November 2009 issue. Read his last recommendation “here”:

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One comment for Rec Room: Joel Whitney: Andrew Sullivan

  1. Comment by david on December 9, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    I hope Mr. Sullivan will be embraced in his new ideology. It has always been a mystery to me how he previously bathed in the fountain of right wing hyprcrisy, especially on issues of gay rights.

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