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Staff Pick: Michael Archer

michael_archer-small.jpg Whenever I find myself in those conversations with friends about writers we think should be better known, Eric Kraft always makes my list. I especially like Inflating a Dog: The Story of Ella’s Lunch Launch, the eighth volume of fictional Peter Leroy’s memoirs. The writing is terrific, but that’s not why you won’t be able to put it down. The inventive tale is fun, touching, and, in spots, hilarious, and Peter and his mother’s journey and quest for fame call to mind Don Quixote. As an appetizer, check out Kraft’s short story, “Postcards from the Museum of Olivia”:, which Guernica published in October of last year.

Bio: Michael Archer is a founding editor of Guernica. His “interview with Wuer Kaixi”: appeared in Guernica’s June 2009 issue. Read the follow up to the article “here”: Read Archer’s last recommendation “here”:

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