Tag: 2016 Elections

Robert Reich: Why the Major Media Marginalize Bernie

March 2016

The myopia of mainstream media outlets when reporting on Bernie Sanders.

Robert Reich: The Volcanic Core Fueling the 2016 Election

January 2016

This election isn't about policy, it's about power.

Robert Reich: Who Lost the White Working Class?

January 2016

The Democrats are just as guilty as the Republicans in some respects.

Tana Wojczuk: The Good Wife–Hillary Clinton as Lady Macbeth

January 2016

Is Shakespeare Dead? Along with First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, there’s one other title she just can’t seem to be rid of.

John Stoehr: Citizen Cruz Has a Problem

January 2016

And Citizen Trump is, again, licking his chops.

Robert Reich: What’s at Stake in 2016

January 2016

Ending the vicious cycle of wealth and power.

Robert Reich: Common Ground in the Heartland

November 2015

What I learned from my time in the “red states.”

Dan Sinykin: The Silly Season

September 2015

The view of the 2016 presidential race at the Iowa State Fair is less than inspiring.

Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan: Bobby Jindal and the Hyphenated American

August 2015

Jindal mistakes entry into the American mainstream as a matter of shedding a hyphen.

Robert Reich: The Revolt Against the Ruling Class

August 2015

In two very different ways, Trump and Sanders are agents of this revolt against the ruling class.

Lou Dubose: The Politics of Faith and Fear

July 2015

"These people are, in a word, afraid. And their candidates have mastered the exploitation of their fears."

Robert Reich: Hillary Clinton’s Glass-Steagall

July 2015

Clinton's decision not to reinstate Glass-Steagall is a big mistake.

Nomi Prins: All In for Jeb

June 2015

The Bush family goes for number three (with the help of its bankers).

John Stoehr: Don’t Believe What the Media Says about Bernie Sanders

June 2015

Dumb writers suggest Bernie Sanders represents the Democrats' tea party. They're wrong. For once, it's not only Fox.

John Stoehr: Giving the “Gays, Guns, and God” Bloc Reason to Stay Home in 2016

April 2015

What happens when the Republican establishment isn't against gay marriage anymore?

Robert Reich: The 2016 Democratic Nominee & Wall Street

March 2015

The Democratic nominee for President will campaign on reviving the American middle class.

Theodoric Meyer: New IRS Rules on Dark Money Delayed

January 2015

The IRS faces a number of hurdles before its new regulations for social welfare nonprofits can be finalized, including potential opposition from Congress.