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A.C. Thompson: Collateral Damage: Decades Later, a Suicide Can Be Added to Domestic Terror Campaign’s Toll

May 2016

Before killing himself in Houston in 1988, Pham Dang Cuong was targeted by a violent anti-Communist group of former South Vietnamese military officers, according to interviews and records.

A.C. Thompson: Efforts to Toughen Oversight of Assisted Living Falter

August 2014

Cost concerns may derail efforts by lawmakers and advocates to require more frequent inspections and a swifter response to allegations of abuse and neglect.

A.C.Thompson: Assisted Living Giant Is Focus of Federal Probe

March 2014

Assisted living needs its own checkups.

A.C. Thompson: Elderly, At Risk, and Haphazardly Protected

October 2013

How assisted living went from humane solution to multibillion-dollar industry.

A.C. Thompson and Jonathan Jones: Close the Back Door

August 2013

How the largest assisted living provider in the country proved to be an overpromising, understaffed, and grossly negligent real estate company.

A.C. Thompson and Jonathan Jones: A Sinking Ship

August 2013

The perils of maintaining dangerously low staffing levels in the assisted living business.

A.C. Thompson and Jonathan Jones: They’re Not Treating Mom Well

July 2013

Negligence abounds as one assisted living facility cuts corners in pursuit of larger profits.

A.C. Thompson and Jonathan Jones: The Emerald City

July 2013

Assisted living facilities are meant to preserve a patient’s independence and dignity. The reality is often far more desperate.