Tag: abortion

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy: The strange legal marriage of the anti-choice movement and campaign finance

July 2016

The same jerks after your uterus are shooting down campaign rules; one tactic just backfired.

A Slight Risk

May 2016

An American pregnancy in Manila.

David Cohen: The Abortion Clinic is a War Zone

December 2015

Nina Martin speaks with law professor, David Cohen, about the daily struggles of abortion providers

The Americanist

July 2015

“I’m celebrating my country! Stop hating my freedom, you terrorist.”

Nina Martin: As Vote Nears, North Dakota Amendment Stirs Debate About More Than Abortion

November 2014

Money and strategists are shaping a nationally watched campaign amid talk of in vitro fertilization and end-of-life care.

Fiery Appetites

September 2014

The novelist and reproductive rights advocate on motherhood, sex, and the sensuality of restaurant life.

Nina Martin: Judge Throws Out Murder Charge in Mississippi Fetal Harm Case

April 2014

Pro-life not just for unborn babies but their mothers, too.

Nina Martin: Amid Abortion Debate, the Pursuit of Science

January 2014

A leading abortion researcher on science and stigmatization.

Ed Winstead: Parliamentary Inquiry

July 2013

In the age of K Street, soft money, and safe seats, it's tempting to abandon our political institutions and shout down our opponents. Here's why we shouldn't.

Rachel Riederer: Texas Hold Up

June 2013

A play-by-play of Wendy Davis’s filibuster, and why it made such great, heartening, and depressing absurdity TV.

Roe v. Wade at Forty: Beyond Pro-Choice

February 2013

Her name tag said 'Lynn Paltrow: Reproductive Justice.' Pulling out a sharpie, she added, 'And Drugs.'

Robert Reich: The Fanatical GOP

August 2012

In its stance on everything from Medicaid to millionaires, the new Republican platform shows the growing extremism within the party.

Abortion debate on ‘Daily Show’ (video)

June 2009 Republican political commentator Mike Huckabee returns to The Daily Show to debate abortion.