Tag: activism

Anya Groner: Healing the Gulf with Buckets and Balloons

September 2016

How fenceline communities are gathering clues to help them combat environmental pollution.

Be the Kill-Joy

May 2016

The performance artists on the racial history of drag, jokes as a means of survival, and leaving room for paradox.

Elettra Pauletto: Film, Theater and Human Trafficking

April 2016

An examination of the role art can play in combating human trafficking

Mark Engler & Paul Engler: Three Times When the World Broke Open — and Two When It Might Again

March 2016

In Praise of Impractical Movements

Victoria Bouloubasis: #Caravana43 in North Carolina

May 2015

How the Ayotzinapa case is sparking a movement in the South.

Todd Gitlin: A Change in the Climate

October 2014

The climate movement steps up.

Margaret Klein: We Need to Talk

September 2014

The founder of The Climate Mobilization talks with Bridget Read about how psychology—not science—may be the key to ending America’s climate denial.

Ellen Cantarow: The Frontlines of Fracking

January 2014

What if fracking came to a town near you?

Jeremy Brecher: Discovering a Legal Tool to Curb Climate Change

January 2014

A legal argument for climate protection based on the vitality of future generations.

Eve Ensler: Our Work Now Is Embodiment

December 2013

The artist-activist talks with Michael Klein about surviving cancer, working in the Congo, and how both came together in her latest book, In The Body of the World.

Richard Falk: Malala and Eartha Kitt — Words that Matter

October 2013

How to behave when you get your invitation to the White House.

After May Day

September 2013

On Occupy Wall Street’s second anniversary, revisiting the expectations and disappointments of the general strike meant to reignite the movement.

Jay Walljasper: Save the Planet, Starting on Your Block

September 2013

Local efforts have always been the backbone of global green activism.

Robert Reich: Breakfast With My Mentor

August 2013

Now in his mid-80s, a veteran activist sees hope for America's middle class and the poor, despite ever-widening economic inequality.

Haniya Rae: Visualize Your Dissent

August 2013

The Pratt Manhattan Gallery showcases design that’s meant to disrupt.

The Barrel of the Apartheid Gun

July 2013

The Nobel laureate on Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War Against Apartheid, a new biography of South Africa’s revolutionary couple.

Tom Engelhardt: Just Begin

June 2013

A graduation day speech for the post-post-docs of life.

Waging Peace

June 2013

The West Point grad turned anti-violence advocate on the havoc of trauma, the false security of war, and training peace activists to be more like soldiers.

Rebecca Solnit: Too Soon to Tell

May 2013

The case for hope, continued.

Sarah Browning: Poetry as Provocation

May 2013

Camille Gage interviews the poet, activist, and director of Split This Rock.

Emily Jacobi: Hacking for Haiti

February 2013

The co-founder of Digital Democracy on how activists can use technology to respond to problems—from natural disasters to violence against women.

Rick Prelinger: What Can Artists Do to Create Social Change?

December 2012

A conversation with the filmmaker and public-domain advocate about the limits of short-term action.

Ellen Cantarow: Frack Fight

November 2012

Activists are waging a secret war, and the stakes couldn't be higher.


September 2012

In an excerpt from his upcoming book, Robert O. Self shows how the antirape movement in the 1970s inspired legislative reform, workplace shifts--and a rift across race and class

The Weight of the Poor

September 2011 The professor Glenn Beck loves to hate speaks with Cornel West about waitressing, black nationalism, how the radical right helped her define her politics, and why she’s gloomy about America’s future.

The Strong, Star-Bright Companions

April 2011 My project? I seek out women involved in direct-action campaigns who are wearing sweaters that, in some way, reflect their ideological intentions.

We Are All Going to Die

January 2011 One year after the earthquake that devastated her native Haiti, the novelist on rebuilding the island, art in a time of trouble, and inhabiting bodies.

Everything and Nothing

April 2010 The iconic writer and activist on the similarities between Tibet and Palestine, womanism versus feminism, and Carl Jung.

A Carefully Crafted F**k You

March 2010

The gender-theorist-turned-philosopher-of-nonviolence discusses the choices that make people expendable, the violent foundation of nonviolent activism, and the role grief can play in setting a new course.

No “Waiting for the World to Change”

March 2007

Protest now—in a few years, you'll be too much of a prick to care. In a few years, you'll have your lawn and your job and whatever's on TV tonight—everything wil seem much more important. Protest now while you still have a shred of values—the real thing to protect.