Tag: Aditi Sriram

Lovely Decorative Tentacles

April 2016

The little-known book illustrations of Henri Matisse.

Beyond Objects, Beyond Scores

April 2016

The musician and composer­ on the art of self-transformation, resisting cultures of exclusion, and what he calls ‘easy camaraderie.’

Aditi Sriram: Wordplay in Wonderland

August 2015

Celebrating 150 years of art, artifact, and Alice.

Rohini Mohan: “Prachanai” (Trouble) in Sri Lanka, Past and Present

October 2014

Aditi Sriram talks with the author of 'The Seasons of Trouble' about the five years it took her to write about Sri Lanka post-civil war, and whether the 'trouble' is really over.

Documenting Proximity

August 2014

A mathematician destined for a plum job in finance drops everything to become a freelance journalist in war-torn Congo.

Aditi Sriram: A Simile for Motherhood

June 2014

A mother's bangles as a proxy for her presence, for her love.

Notes for the Stage

June 2014

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright on his relationship to Jewish artists, “the simple sense of being human,” and experiencing his work for the first time along with its audience.

Aditi Sriram: Saint-Exupéry, Saintly Hands, Sainted Innocence

April 2014

What fed the imagination of the man who crafted The Little Prince.

Aditi Sriram: Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

March 2014

Remembering Al-Mutanabbi Street on its 7th anniversary.

Aditi Sriram: Watch

October 2013

Qawwali, the enchanting song of the Sufis, still possesses the devotees of the Nizamuddin Auliya shrine in Delhi.