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Women, Winning

June 2016

The Future of Cities: The journalist and She Shapes the City co-founder on the women behind Nairobi’s rapidly changing identity.

Forget You’re Watching a Play

May 2016

The director of Eclipsed on bringing the first all-female production to Broadway.

Teach Me to Be Me

March 2016

Future of Language: We wanted to make Kenya our literary base from which to engage with the world.

Wayétu Moore: The Life of Hamet Dean

February 2016

What happens to Africa’s child soldiers when the war is over?

Aaron Bady: Once is a Mistake, Twice is Jazz

December 2015

Fiston Mwanza Mujila’s Tram 83 is essentially an unfinished metal structure.

Myrrh in the Time of the Anthropocene

September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: Each time my friend reaches for his resin, he taps into a global knowledge honed over millennia, a true people’s pharmacopeia.

The Alchemy of Cinema

September 2015

The documentarian on white savior narratives, making enemies of gunrunners and governments, and nonfiction film as art.

The Edge

May 2015

She studied her face, looking for any change. A bad person. A cheat. A lesbian. A cheating, barren lesbian.

Claire Nielsen: Apartheid’s Final Outpost

February 2015

In Orania, South Africa’s last remaining white-only town, the country’s history of racial segregation and white supremacy lives on.

Mitigating the Silence

February 2015

The author couldn’t find a single press in the world devoted to publishing African poetry. So he created one.


February 2015

First there was a little crackle as the pin scratched the record and then the voices would begin to sing or talk and would float into the surrounding inky darkness.

Nick Turse: Pirates of the Gulf of Guinea

September 2014

In the face of rising maritime insecurity, AFRICOM claims success and Obama embraces a strongman.

Documenting Proximity

August 2014

A mathematician destined for a plum job in finance drops everything to become a freelance journalist in war-torn Congo.

Nick Turse: As a Man-Made Famine Looms, Christmas Comes Early to South Sudan

August 2014

The limits of America’s African experiment in nation building.

Nick Turse: The U.S. Military’s New Normal in Africa

May 2014

A secret African mission and an African mission that’s no secret.

Nick Turse: U.S. Military Averaging More Than a Mission a Day in Africa

March 2014

Documents reveal blinding pace of ops in 2013, and more of the same for 2014.

The Widow

November 2013

The husband did not stop until he reached the ocean. Did not turn to wave at the woman he would widow.

Nick Turse: The Pivot to Africa

September 2013

On the startling size, scope, and growth of U.S. military operations on the African continent.

from A Forest of a Thousand Daemons: A Hunter’s Saga

September 2013

Without a doubt, my friend has told you the tale about my parents, and about the various things that I experienced when I visited the Forest of Irunmale.

The Watch

September 2013

Everyone is hoping that the just declared new country will be lucky, that the rioting and murdering will not break out as predicted by the expat at our bar the night before.

Jesus Owes Me Money

August 2013

What I’m about to tell you Pastor John doesn’t know.

Mozambique’s Mining Boomtown

May 2013

The discovery of a massive coal basin in Mozambique has kicked up a frenzy of investment, but this steroidal economy comes with a cost.

Blak Power

May 2013

They are just everywhere, walking, rushing, running, toyi-toying, fists and machetes and knives and sticks and all sorts of weapons and the flags of the country in the air, Budapest quivering with the sound of their blazing voices: Kill the Boer, the farmer, the khiwa.

The Worst Thing That Happened

April 2013

“Don’t worry, it will be okay, these things happen for a reason,” Ma Bille said. “As I always say: the worst thing to happen to you is for the best—”

Scott Ross: Kony2013

March 2013

One year later, the LRA leader is still at large—but the controversial viral video has changed America’s relationship to the International Criminal Court.

The Lump in Her Throat

February 2013

I don’t like the box they have put Papa in; I would have gotten him the fancy kind with polished wood and golden handles.

Farewell, Africa

January 2013

According to Cornish, the pool, an infinity pool, would be able to recreate the event of Africa sinking into the sea.

A Man of the People

December 2012

He takes her hand, careful to keep his eyes away from her dominant breasts, her full pouty lips, and they begin in the living room.

Joseph Gergel: Nigerian Nostalgia Project

November 2012

A massive collection of pre-digital photography shows a nation in transition—and manages bring Facebook-level connectivity into a gallery space.

Medina Dugger: Images from Underground

November 2012

Young Lagosian photographers examine the corners of their city that often go unseen.

Glenna Gordon: LagosPhoto 2012

November 2012

A month-long photography festival aims to capture the spirit of one of Africa’s biggest and busiest cities.

Hipstamatic Revolution

September 2012

Avoiding the simplistic narratives of Afro-pessimism and Afro-optimism, photographer Peter diCampo uses photo-apps to represent everyday Africa.


September 2012

If you must travel, travel by Amtrak. Trains are safe, buses are not. I mean safe from raids by the INS.

TaxCast: Capital Flight in Africa and Europe, Usain Bolt’s Taxes, and Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson on Inequality

August 2012

Capital flight in Africa and now in Europe, Olympian Usain Bolt fails to champion his tax affairs, and Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson on tax and inequality.

Joe Penney: A Mystery Airstrike and Mali’s “Inevitable” War

July 2012

Calls for a Western intervention in northern Mali, now being called “Africa’s Afghanistan,” rely on logical fallacies and ignore recent history.

The Rappers of Rutshuru

July 2012

Making music in war-torn Eastern Congo

Nick Turse: Obama’s Scramble for Africa

July 2012

Secret wars, secret bases, and the Pentagon’s “new spice route” in Africa.

Laura Seay: Old Ideas for the New Africa

June 2012

Obama's "new" Africa policy prioritizes security over democracy. But the continent is changing rapidly, and U.S. policy needs to adapt--here's why.

Photography and Other Truths

May 2012

South Africa's Pieter Hugo on negotiating representations of Africa, the searing controversy surrounding his work, Nick Cave, and his friend the late Tim Hetherington.

The House That Doe Built

May 2012

Can Liberia's celebrated president win the trust of her people?

Lagos Photo Festival

December 2011 A selection of work from the 2011 Lagos Photo Festival by forty photographers from around the world.

Picturing Africa

December 2011 Lagos Photo Festival founder Azu Nwagbogu on combating Afro-pessimism, the dialogue between Africa and the West, and depicting the “other Africa” of industry and intellect.

Those Who Answered to Abraham

August 2011

“It is bad that a man who has swum in the great River Niger should be drowned in its small tributary.”

Contested Territory

July 2011 On July 9, southern Sudan is scheduled to become the world’s newest country. Rebecca Hamilton discusses the impact of this change on the rest of the region.


March 2011

Would you run in the Olympics for the country that occupied your birth country and refused to allow its independence? The subject of a forthcoming documentary on his contested homeland, the Western Sahara.

Lamu Squat

March 2011 They fix passage across the channel for three hundred shillings; Meroe haggles. The motorboats have long since skimmed into the dusk, the passengers smiling and laughing at the platitudes of the Lamuans.


January 2011

June’s winter, ivory-rinsed blue, // a wild dog tugs a sock of skin /

down an impala’s stick-leg penciling skyward

Kitintale Skateboarders

June 2010 Faced with a lack of concrete, these Ugandan skateboarders took matters into their own hands and built what was likely the first skatepark in East Africa.

Aiding Is Abetting

April 2009 International author and economist on ending western aid to Africa, what Bono and Geldof don't get, and the stifling of African independence and entrepreneurship.


By E.C. Osondu (Winner of the 2009 Caine Prize for African Writing)
October 2008

My friends in the camp are known by the inscriptions written on their t-shirts. Acapulco wears a t-shirt with the inscription, Acapulco. Sexy’s t-shirt has the inscription Tell Me I’m Sexy. Paris’s t-shirt says See Paris And Die.

When Rain Hits This City Already Floundering

By A. Igoni Barrett
January 2008

The sergeant dealt him a series of rapid-fire slashes across the face with his whip, and then dragged him to the edge of the flooded pit.

Nicholas Kristof: The Crisis of Our Times

June 2005 "What I learned from him was that you could perhaps better tell the story of a place by writing of a tiny village as a sort of prism into the bigger issues the culture was facing."

foreign gods, inc.

By Okey Ndibe, from the novel-in-progress "foreign gods, inc."
January 2005

To be more specific, we own a Wolof god of justice and an Ewe goddess of fertility,”