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Rec Room: Alex Smith: Elegant Universe

May 2010 Nerdiness made desirable.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: How to Impress an Architect

April 2010 When next you find yourself in conversation with an architect, be sure to mention at least one of these books.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: SANNA Designs

April 2010 SANNA exhibits the restraint and elegance that has come to a global society still learning from its mistakes.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: The BLDGBLOG Book

March 2010 A stunning book filled with some of the most intriguing ideas about constructed space I have ever read.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: The Art of Construction

March 2010 Should architecture be a blank wall that we stare at as we pass by, or an interactive surface that is as much designed as it is ever-changing?

Rec Room: Alex Smith: Contemplating the Void

February 2010 Artists and architects bring the Guggenheim’s iconic void to life.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: Public Urban Architecture

January 2010 If you haven’t yet, take a stroll through the High Line.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: Invictus

December 2009 Invictus is a stunning representation of South Africa in the 1990s, and, for the first time, I feel the need to understand the game of rugby.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: The Yiddish Policeman’s Union

December 2009 This story of a community preparing to lose ownership of their land is a testament to Chambon’s talent and ability to create a new world.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: A Collaboration with Nature

November 2009 Land artist Goldsworthy achieves geometrical perfection from nature’s imperfect materials.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: Shaun of the Dead

November 2009 Not a fan of the hair-raisers? Opt for something a bit more ridiculous.

Rec Room: Alex Smith: The Triplets of Belleville

October 2009 Finally, it’s cool to watch cartoons again.