Tag: Amitava Kumar


June 2013

The bestselling author of Wild on the Pacific Crest Trail, bringing consciousness to bear on the work, and how success has been met with a backlash.

Who’s Got the Address?

March 2013

Amitava Kumar and Teju Cole collaborate on an ekphrastic project exploring how Cole’s paired images intersect with the works of artists ranging from Sontag to Singh.

Pitch Forward

March 2013

The writer, art historian, and street photographer on the body vs. the intellect, the mythical pre-history of humanity, and how very serious a Twitter post can be.

Ondaatje’s Table

March 2012

Michael Ondaatje on making fiction of un-remembered autobiography, holding back two-thirds of the story, and bringing the marginalized to the center

Amitava Kumar: Why Amitav Ghosh&#8217s Decision to Boycott the Jaipur Literary Festival is a ‘Sea of Poppycock’

February 2012
 Is it possible that Ghosh simply doesn’t like democracy?

The Un-Victim

February 2011 In the wake of sedition threats by the Indian government, the writer and activist describes the stupidest question she gets asked, the cuss-word that made her respect the power of language, and the limits of preaching nonviolence.

Birth of a Salesman

August 2010

In a new book about the global war on terror, Amitava Kumar shows how criminal guilt has been sacrificed to the political need to haul in suspects. The result? Through crude character assassination, guilt is essentially fabricated after the arrest.

I Don’t Want To Fight

November 2009 Our November guest fiction editors discuss South Asian diaspora literature, war—and their fiction selections for Guernica.