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Angela Chen: Ai Weiwei Still Isn’t Sorry

July 2012

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is now as notorious for his political actions as for his work. Alison Klayman's new documentary, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, shows that his originality comes precisely from combining the two.

Wuer Kaixi: Returning Home—Or Not

May 2012

Dissident Wuer Kaixi talks about fellow activist Chen Guangcheng, his own attempt to return to China, and his continued hope for “counter-talk” with the regime that exiled him.

Guernica Contributor Tim Elhajj to Participate in Reading for Best Sex Writing 2012

March 2012
 Elhajj’s piece for Guernica was included for Best Sex Writing 2012.

Angela Chen: Republican Party Responds to Professor’s Criticism by Trying to Get Hold of His Emails

March 2011
 The Wisconsin Republican Party wants copies of Professor William Cronon's emails. His crime? He wrote them an open letter that wasn’t wholly congratulatory.

Angela Chen: Turkish Singer & Unrepentant Peacenik Ferhat Tunc Harassed By Government

February 2011
 According to the Turkish government, singer Ferhat Tunc is a bad man. His crime? He sang kinda nice stuff about peace. How terrible.

Angela Chen: Why I’m Not Intimidated By “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua’s Frighteningly Accomplished Daughters

January 2011
 For me, all this tiger parent business started before Amy Chua's article. It started when I was rejected from Yale—something Chua's daughter will never experience— and wondered for the first time if it's better to have choices, even if you sometimes make the wrong ones.

Angela Chen: In Which Okey Ndibe Learns He’s Been Blacklisted From His Native Country

January 2011
 A day after being detained at the Nigerian airport, critic Okey Ndibe learned that it was all an accident, just a little misunderstanding over the issue of that pesky enemies list with his name on it.

Angela Chen: How Nigeria’s President Plans to Steal the April Election

January 2011
 Here's a deliciously ironic turn of events: First, columnist Okey Ndibe criticizes the Nigerian government for human rights and elections breaches. Then, the Nigerian government arrests him because they're tired of his criticism. Next up, election in April.

Rec Room: Angela Chen: Different Trains

January 2011
 Steve Reich's Different Trains holds the distinctions both of having won a Grammy and of supposedly making a YouTube commentator nearly vomit with fear. It’s frightening music, combining a Psycho-like violin motif and engine noises to evoke one of the greatest tragedies in history. And the music does, without mercy.

Angela Chen: Guernica’s Top 25 of 2010

December 2010
 Twenty-five of Guernica’s most popular pieces from 2010.

Rec Room: Angela Chen: Letters of Note

October 2010 Luddites, rejoice. Letters of Note is a glimpse into the lives of famous historical figures, and an homage to their low-tech means of expression.

Rec Room: Angela Chen: Frontal Cortex

September 2010 The Frontal Cortex blog analyzes the intersection of science and modern society and answers the kinds of questions that people often think about in passing.