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Annie Waldman: Who Keeps Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Flowing to For-Profit Colleges? These Guys

November 2015

Accreditation agencies are supposed to make sure that colleges are putting students in a position to succeed. That’s not happening at schools overseen by one accreditor in particular.

Annie Waldman: New Data Reveals Stark Gaps in Graduation Rates Between Poor and Wealthy Students

September 2015

For the first time ever, the public can see the graduation rates for Pell Grant recipients at over 1,000 schools

Annie Waldman: As Pope Pushes to Help the Poor, Catholic Universities Leave Them Behind

September 2015

Many Catholic colleges leave low-income students with big debts. And wealthy Catholic schools that provide generous support don’t enroll many poor students.

Annie Waldman: Scientific Expertise on Lethal Injection Falls Short

April 2015

How the Supreme Court case over lethal injection shows it’s becoming nearly impossible to find experts to defend the practice.

Annie Waldman: DC Moves to Limit Schools Pinning Down and Isolating Kids

March 2015

It’s the latest in a national trend to reduce restraints of school kids.

Annie Waldman: New York City Lays Out Limits on Restraints and Suspensions

March 2015

Amid recent calls for reform, New York City’s Department of Education is introducing new restrictions on suspending and restraining kids in city schools.

Annie Waldman: Connecticut Schools Pin Down and Restrain ‘Staggering’ Number of Kids

February 2015

A new state report found one public school student was restrained more than 700 times in one year.

Annie Waldman: LA and New York Schools Deny Physically Restraining Students

December 2014

All school districts in the country are required to tell the federal government how many times kids have been restrained in their schools. But some districts aren’t following through.