Tag: apocalypse

Orazio Labbate: In Love, Post-Apocalypse

May 2016

Flash Fiction: A romance at the time the world is ending.

Scenes From the End of the World

September 2015

The writer and photographer on their first book collaboration, the connection between Hollywood blockbusters and climate change, and how “shared terror” can make us feel less alone.

Ira Chernus: Apocalypses Everywhere

February 2014

Is there any hope in an era filled with gloom and doom?

Katherine Rowland: City of Light, Laboratory for the Future

December 2012

Inside the community of Damanhur, where devotees safeguard connections to the stars, study alchemy, and prepare to rebuild human civilization.

Stories by Students: This Is How the World Ends

December 2012

Flash Fiction: But I have had the feeling for awhile that the end of the world isn’t necessarily a large tidal wave that will wipe out the entirety of the United States, or a huge volcanic eruption, but that the end of the world could be any day for anyone.

Nathaniel Flagg: Apocalypse Illustrated

December 2012

A cartoon history of End Times that weren't.

Joel Kovel and Quincy Saul: Apocalypse and Revelation Are the Same Word

December 2012

The founders of Ecosocialist Horizons discuss climate change, the collapse of capitalism, and building a new world in the shell of the old.

Erika Anderson: Apocalist

December 2012

From snowpocalypse to foie-mageddon, what’s behind our new obsession with end-times word endings?"

Rachel Riederer: It’s Not the End of the World

December 2012

This week, Guernica Daily explores the idea of End Times.