Tag: Arab Spring

Laura Kasinof: The Violence Was Once Mine

April 2016

A journalist confronts her feeling of helplessness in watching a war from afar

Stasis Shift

April 2014

The Jadaliyya co-founder on telling alternative stories about the Arab world, understanding the life cycles of revolution, and confronting “the weight of ancient problems.”

Rebecca Solnit: The Arc of Justice and the Long Run

December 2013

The future needs us.

Catriona Knapman: The Capital of Nubia

March 2013

In post-revolution Cairo, Nubians and other minority groups are being erased from the state-defined national identity. In Aswan, the view is different.

Justin Elliott: U.N. Think Tank Opening Office in Bahrain, with Bahraini Government Funding

March 2013

Can groups advocate for peace and justice while accepting money from authoritarian governments?

Lara Baladi: Alone, Together

January 2013

A video artist draws on news footage, historical videos, Fela Kuti, Slavoj Žižek, Lewis Carroll, and others to reflect on Tahrir Square two years after #Jan25.

Jen Marlowe: Terror and Teargas on the Streets of Bahrain

September 2012

Protests in Bahrain have been largely ignored in Western media, but they shouldn't be.

Islam and the Arab Awakening

August 2012

As Islamists across the Arab World continue to enshrine sharî’a concepts in their constitutions, noted academic Tariq Ramadan asks, are other alternatives available?

Maurice Chammah: After the Revolution

June 2012

A year after the Arab Spring, Egyptian voters must choose between a Mubarak minister and a Muslim Brotherhood candidate. How did we get from Tahrir Square to here?

Bridging the Dignity Gap

April 2012

From Cairo to Wall Street, are we in the midst of a historic shift in the way governments relate to their citizens?

Libya’s Reluctant Spokesman

October 2011 On the occasion of his second novel, Libyan author Hisham Matar discusses the effect of totalitarianism on personal lives, what makes the novel a great art form, and the Arab Spring.

Meakin Armstrong: Egypt and the American Fever Dream

February 2011

For over 30 years, we gave Egypt the shaft, because it was in our national interest to do so. Now it’s time for Egypt to find out where its own interests are, without a strongman leading the way. The country has a difficult and terrible road to walk.