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Water in the Desert

October 2015

From 1952 to 1981, a chemical used to clean airplanes contaminated the groundwater in a Tucson community. By the time the city stepped in, thousands were already sick or dying.

Jan Bindas-Tenney: The Border Crisis in Leisureville

December 2014

In Arizona, the Samaritans are working to provide water and aid to immigrants crossing the border—in spite of sabotaged water bottles and harassment from border patrol.

Ryan Gabrielson: Woman Involved in Security Lapse at Arizona Terror Center Stripped of Citizenship

September 2014

An immigration case leads to likely exile of Chinese programmer.

Chip Ward: The Original Geo-Engineers

August 2014

How to save the iconic west from the cow.

Todd Miller: Border Wars in the Homeland

July 2014

The Fourth Amendment has been the biggest casualty of US Customs and Border Patrol's post-9/11 militarization.

Francisco Cantú: Ventana

August 2013

A former Border Patrol agent recalls his first encounter with a body in the desert.

William deBuys: Phoenix in the Climate Crosshairs

March 2013

We are long past coal mine canaries.

Todd Miller: Bringing the Battlefield to the Border

June 2012

Border security, it isn't just about borders anymore. How new surveillance technology has made border-enforcement a big business.

Guernica‘s Top 5 on Latinos in the U.S.

July 2010 With the fracas over Arizona's immigration law putting Latin Americans in the spotlight, Guernica thought a countdown of our top stories on Latinos and Latin America would be apt. Here are our top 5.