Tag: Banned Books Week

Sherman Alexie: The Value of Subverting Authority

October 2012

Banned Books: The acclaimed author speaks about what motivates his censors, self-censorship, and the value of stories.

Nathaniel Rich: Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita

October 2012

Bulgakov's masterpiece remains a reminder that you can't fight fire with fire.

James M. Decker: Henry Miller’s Pyrrhic Victory

October 2012

Banned Books Week: Though Miller defeated censorship, his work was misunderstood and cartoonishly simplified

Katherine Paterson: The Risks of Great Literature

October 2012

Banned Books Week: The celebrated and banned children’s book author speaks with us about the fears of censors, the deaths of children, and what we need to risk for literature.

Lucy McKeon: Sixty Million and More: Toni Morrison’s Beloved

October 2012

Banned Books Week: This year, one Michigan school district tried to keep Morrison’s haunting narrative out of the classroom. A writer explores how Baby Suggs and Beloved teach us what we don’t learn in school.

Alice Walker: Writing What’s Right

October 2012

Banned Books Week: The author of The Color Purple (and one of America’s most censured writers) tells Megan Labrise about finding wisdom in the songs of ancestors, why her acclaimed novel won’t be translated into Hebrew, and approaching writing in a priestly state of mind.

Katie Ryder: Banned Books Week

September 2012

Next Week, the Guernica Daily will feature interviews and essays in support of free thinking, reading, and writing.