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Andrew J. Bacevich: Writing a Blank Check on War for the President

April 2016

How the United States Became a Prisoner of War and Congress Went MIA.

Tanya Golash-Boza: Day of the Demagogue

March 2016

Trumpian Deportation Fantasies and American Realities.

P.J. Podesta: Keeping the Devil at Bay

March 2016

Why the Left should be asking for more

Lois Beckett: How Much Could Obama’s Gun Moves Affect Gun Violence?

January 2016

Nobody knows if simply explaining current law more clearly will save lives.

David Bromwich: Playing the Long Game on Iran

August 2015

The neoconservatives, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Republicans game the system.

David Morris: What Was Obama Thinking?

May 2015

Nike as a backdrop for defending his Pacific Trade Deal! Amazon as partner in creating middle-class jobs!

Tom Engelhardt: The Pressure to Escalate

November 2014

The two horsemen of the American apocalypse.

Elizabeth Holtzman: Baseless Cries for Impeachment from the GOP

November 2014

Impeachment chatter among Republicans belittles the Framers' intent.

Avi Asher-Schapiro: Obama’s Elephant Gun

September 2014

Is the US attacking ISIS to avoid looking the fool?

Tom Engelhardt: How America Made ISIS

September 2014

Their videos and ours, their “caliphate” and ours.

Patrick Cockburn: Why Washington’s War on Terror Failed

August 2014

The underrated Saudi connection.

Lou Dubose: Genuflecting On The Campaign Trail

August 2014

When Republican hopefuls court the Christian Right.

Peter van Buren: Dead Is Dead

July 2014

Drone-killing the Fifth Amendment.

William J. Astore: Worshipping Warfighters

June 2014

The militarized realities of fortress America.

Richard Falk: Obama and Hubris at West Point

June 2014

Rejecting mindless militarism won't be the end of ultranationalism.

Building in Verse

April 2014

The inaugural poet on writing through cultural dualities, the pleasure of bilingualism, and why “the poem is a kind of mathematical proof.”

David Bromwich: The Voice

March 2014

How Obama became a publicist for his presidency (rather than the president).

Nick Turse: The Special Ops Surge

January 2014

Elite U.S. forces are deployed in 134 countries. We know little about their missions.

Charles Ornstein: Why Two Obama Loyalists Lost Their Health Policies

November 2013

Two casualties of the transitioning American healthcare system.

Robert Reich: The Democrat’s Version of Health Insurance Would Have Been Cheaper, Simpler, and More Popular

October 2013

So why did we enact the Republican version, and why are they so upset?

Robert Reich: Why Obama and the Democrats Shouldn’t Negotiate with Extortionists

October 2013

"Why Obama and the Democrats must not yield to Republican bullying."

Kara Brandeisky: Before Obama was President

August 2013

As a senator, Obama supported strong controls on surveillance. As president, not so much..

A Hoopoe’s Unguiding Narrative

August 2013

An Iranian writer finds meaning and meaninglessness in the fact of her Jewish roots.

Cora Currier: Four Years Ago Obama Promised to Investigate Afghan Massacre

June 2013

Has anything happened since?

Richard Falk: Ending Perpetual War? Endorsing Drone Warfare?

June 2013

President Obama, drone warfare, and the self-mystifying glories of American exceptionalism.

Andrew Bacevich: Naming Our Nameless War

May 2013

How many years will it be?

Theodoric Meyer: As Need for New Flood Maps Rises, Congress and Obama Cut Funding

May 2013

Congress has cut funding for updating flood maps by more than half since 2010, from $221 million down to $100 million this year.

Robert Reich: Pyromaniacs on the Potomac

May 2013

The problem with Obama's second term.

Christie Thompson: Is Obama Delivering on His Promise of a “21st Century” Approach to Drugs?

May 2013

A look at the administration's latest approach to drugs, and what they’ve done so far.

Robert Reich: The Hollowing Out of Government

May 2013

When Republicans can’t repeal laws they don’t like, they hollow them out, deny funds to fully implement them, and reduce funds to enforce them.

Jennifer LaFleur: Has Obama Kept His Open-Government Pledge?

February 2013

Experts weigh in on the transparency gains of the last four years and what's in store in the next four.

Robert Reich: Coming Tuesday (Hopefully)—The State of the Union’s Economy

February 2013

Obama should focus on the predominant concerns of most Americans—joblessness, economic insecurity, and the fall of real wages.

Justin Elliott: Obama’s Flip-Flops on Money in Politics

February 2013

Four years, four reversals on dark money.

Amis Unfiltered

February 2013

The provocateur on Obama’s second term and the role of bad behavior in fiction.

Robert Reich: The GOP Crackup

January 2013

How Obama is unraveling Reagan Republicanism.

Richard Tofel: For Obama, More Prose than Poetry in Second Inaugural

January 2013

Richard Tofel, president of ProPublica, provides his thoughts on Monday's inauguration speech.

Lois Beckett: In Minnesota, Democractic Grandmas Gather Data About Their Neighbors

January 2013

Campaign volunteers feed information into ever-expanding voter databases.

Theodoric Meyer: How Bad Is Our Debt Problem, Anyway? And Will a Deal Fix It?

December 2012

The reality of America's debt crisis, and the likelihood that Washington can find a solution.

Tom Engelhardt: The Barack Obama Story

December 2012

An open letter to the community organizer and Constitutional law professor who became a robot President.

Robert Reich: Opening Positions on the Cliff Deal: Déjà Vu All Over Again

November 2012

The President lays out his plan for America's fiscal future.

Robert Reich: Why is the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers Helping the Republicans?

November 2012

Panic over a looming fiscal crisis plays directly into the Republicans' hands.

Robert Reich: The President’s Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain (II): Put a Trigger Mechanism in the Legislation

November 2012

Robert Reich weighs in for strategies for getting the economy under control.

Robert Reich: The President’s Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain

November 2012

The administration should aim high when it begins its negotiations on deficit reduction.

Alfred W. McCoy: Beyond Bayonets and Battleships

November 2012

Technology is reshaping the face of U.S. military power, but is it for the best?

Robert Reich: Obama’s Next Economy: Why He Must Take This Opportunity to Reframe the Economic Debate

November 2012

With the fiscal cliff approaching, it's time for Obama to make some big decisions. Here's what he should do.

Emily Raboteau: Daughters of Obama

November 2012

In the wake of the election of Barack Obama, a writer explores black American identity and the ritual of return in Ghana.

Tana Wojczuk: Mitt Romney as Shakespeare’s Coriolanus

November 2012

In the aftermath of Sandy, it's time to reevaluate what it means to be dependent on government.

David Morris: A Stormy Reminder of Why We Need Government

October 2012

Sandy has been a vivid reminder of the role of Government.

Richard Falk: Comparing Presidential Elections: 2008 versus 2012

October 2012

How hope and fear have defined America's last two presidential campaigns.

Robert Reich: If You Succumb to Cynicism, the Regressives Win It All

October 2012

Dear progressives: You may think there's not a huge difference between Obama and Romney. But there is, and you should still vote.

Jay Walljasper: What is Mitt Romney Planning for America?

October 2012

Where does the rage in the Republican Party come from?

Robert Reich: Obama is Back

October 2012

President Obama's performance in Tuesday's debate was a significant improvement.

Tom Engelhardt: Overwrought Empire

October 2012

The discrediting of U.S. military power.

Mattea Kramer: Tough Talk for America

October 2012

A guide to the presidential debates you won't be hearing.

Tom Engelhardt: Obama Against the World

September 2012

Forget Mitt Romney, can the president make it to November 7?

Robert Reich: Four Reasons Romney Might Still Win

September 2012

The election's not over yet, and rumors of Romney's demise are premature.

Harry Boyte: The President and the Citizen

September 2012

A vision of citizenship expressed in Obama's convention speech might signal a new direction for his administration--and the country.

Robert Reich: The Real Importance of Bill Clinton’s Wonderfully Long Speech

September 2012

Clinton's speech has given Americans just what they need: facts.

Harry Boyte: Did We Build It?

September 2012

A history of the concept of the commonwealth in American politics sheds some light on who exactly is the we in We Built It.

Robert Reich: How Romney Keeps Lying Through His Big White Teeth

August 2012

How are patently false statements permissible in political ads?

Robert Reich: George W. Bush as Hurricane Isaac

August 2012

Hurricane Isaac may end up reminding voters of the legacy of George W. Bush.

Alfred W. McCoy: Impunity at Home, Rendition Abroad

August 2012

How two administrations and both parties made illegality the American way of life.

Robert Reich: The Ryan Choice

August 2012

By selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney has provided a stark contrast for voters.

Robert Reich: The Terrible Economy and the Anti-Election of 2012

July 2012

Facing the worst economy in at least a generation, both presidential candidates are hamstrung by the machines that would elect them

Noam Chomsky: Destroying the Commons

July 2012

How the Magna Carta became a minor carta.

Robert Reich: The Truth About Obama’s Tax Proposal

July 2012

There's the media portraying President Obama's tax proposal, and then there's the real thing.

Tom Engelhardt: The Military Solution

July 2012

A process of militarization is working its way through all facets of American government, and it's not likely to stop any time soon.

Michael T. Klare: Is Barack Obama Morphing Into Dick Cheney?

June 2012

President Obama's approach to energy policy is surprisingly close Dick Cheney's. What this tells us about America's new nationalism.

Tom Engelhardt: It Couldn’t Happen Here, It Does Happen There

June 2012

The value of American—and Afghan—lives.

Nick Turse: The New Obama Doctrine, A Six-Point Plan for Global War

June 2012

Civilian soldiers, drones, and cyber attacks are just a few elements of the Obama formula for contemporary war.

Noam Chomsky Comments on the “Kill List”

June 2012

Guernica Editor in Chief Joel Whitney tracked down Noam Chomsky to get his opinion on the President's recently revealed 'kill list.'

Tom Engelhardt: Praying at the Church of St. Drone

June 2012

An unprecedented expansion of authority has created a new role for the president: Assassin-in-Chief.

Robert Reich: Why Obama Should Be Attacking Casino Capitalism

May 2012

Are the recent controversies surrounding JPMorgan Chase and Bain Capital isolated incidents, or symptomatic of a single, larger problem?

Josh Dratel: Updates in the War on Civilian Privacy

May 2012

With surveillance cameras on every corner and our smartphones tracking our every move, we've entered a new era of the war on civilian privacy.

Robert Reich: How Odd that Mitt’s Smitten With Clinton

May 2012

Mitt Romney has spoken highly of the Clinton administration. Is it pandering, or could he really mean it?

Robert Reich: The Dog that Didn’t Bark

May 2012

President Obama could differentiate himself in an election year by coming out strong against the excesses of Wall Street.

David Morris: Profiles of Political Courage

May 2012

Health care reform may be repealed if Republicans win in November, but it may not be the only president's signature legislation that's in danger.

Tom Engelhardt: The Obama Contradiction

April 2012

Obama: Weakling at home, imperial president abroad.

Tom Engelhardt: Drone Warfare and the United States of Fear

April 2012

Anis Shivani interviews Tom Engelhardt, creator of TomDispatch, about how today's political leaders are leading us toward Soviet-era doublethink and decline.

Nick Turse: Obama’s Arc of Instability: Destabilizing the World One Region at a Time

September 2011
 A startling number of nations in the global south are now in turmoil, and in every single one of them—from Afghanistan and Algeria to Yemen and Zambia—Washington is militarily involved, overtly or covertly, in outright war or what passes for peace.

On the Fly: Robert Reich

April 2011 The former Secretary of Labor on the Great Recession, class warfare, and why President Obama must challenge right-wing distortions with a counter-narrative.

Mark Dowie: On the Fly Podcast: Todd Gitlin On America’s Divine Exceptionalism

February 2011
 The inaugural episode of Guernica editor-at-large Mark Dowie’s interview series features sociologist Todd Gitlin, who argues that the relationship between America and Israel is steeped in the belief that both nations were “chosen” by God.

Roger D. Hodge: On Obama’s Shamelessness and How to Save Harper’s

February 2011
 Former editor of Harper’s Magazine Roger Hodge speaks about his former employer, John “Rick” MacArthur, the current state of Harper’s, and why Obama’s State of the Union was “appalling.”

Droning On

October 2010

From stepped up drone attacks, backsliding on torture, the Afghan surge, has Obama doubled down on Bush’s bets? Editor Joel Whitney interviews Tariq Ali on his new book. Recorded live at Asia Society.

Economics for the Rest of Us

May 2010 Columbia professor Moshe Adler on why Main Street needs to take economics back from Wall Street.

Norman Solomon: Escalation Scam: Troops in Afghanistan

July 2009 "Escalation" is a word for a methodical process of acclimating people at home to the idea of more military intervention abroad -- nothing too sudden, just a step-by-step process of turning even more war into media wallpaper.

The Limits to My Self-Importance

January 2009 The neo-conservative who coined “axis of evil” on how writing for the president is like writing for the movies, the administration’s “departures from the law,” and why the president should have brought in Democrats.