Tag: Brazil

Solange Farkas: Video Art Finds a Home in Brasil

August 2016

The Festival Videobrasil founder discusses Brazil’s political history with video art and her vision for the nonprofit’s pioneering new art space.

Adam Morris: Quiet Creature on the Corner

June 2016

An Interview with João Gilberto Noll’s Translator, Adam Morris

Livia Lakomy: Sérgio Moro

June 2016

The most loved and hated Brazilian judge and why he matters to Brazil's future.

Jeffrey W. Rubin: Uneasy Democracies, North and South

April 2016

Both Brazil and the United States teeter on the brink of uncertain democratic futures.

The Boy from Petrópolis

September 2015

I look at his face; the green eyes, the wet mouth. I still feel the dream-softness of his hair under my hands; I feel like a grandmother, like a mother, like a lover.

Clarice Lispector: Monkeys

July 2015

Flash Fiction: “Macacos”

The Unlearning

July 2014

A New York-based Brazilian writer considers her country’s unrest through the work of performance artist Paulo Bruscky.

Davi Pretto: Only the Fictions Can Heal Us

April 2014

Ela Bittencourt talks to the director about his film Castanha and the blurred lines between fiction and reality.

Richard Falk: Snowden’s Post-Asylum Relevance

August 2013

With Snowden temporarily safe in Russia, the impact of his leaks on U.S. foreign relations is still an open question.

Passion Pit

February 2013

What blooms in Brazil’s coastal desert.

Emma Sokoloff-Rubin: Rules of Travel

December 2012

A young writer learns to be alone in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Ensaio (Rehearsal)

April 2011 The maracatu festival becomes an allegory of life itself, in which young and old follow the inevitable rhythm of the dance and the game.