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David Bollier: Imagining a New Politics of the Commons: A Fresh Way of Thinking about Life Beyond the Market

October 2010 The commons is hugely generative in its own right. It is a value-creating sector that rivals the marketplace, and therefore deserves the same protection from government and respect from citizens.

David Bollier: A Public School Goes Commercial

October 2010 One Massachusetts public school's decision to include advertisements in their take-home notices proves that not even our public schools are free from the inundation of advertising.

David Bollier: Liberate the Music!

September 2010 Why is Beethoven’s music still locked behind copyrights? Musopen attempts to release our shared cultural heritage to the world without restraints by freeing public-domain music from centuries ago.

David Bollier: Postal Hucksters: How Marketing Overlords Ruined the Charm of my Local Post Office

September 2010 In this piece, Bollier reveals how even your local post office isn't free from the robotic arm of the marketing machine, and why an authentic face-to-face encounter during a monetary transaction is practically impossible in our day and age.

David Bollier: The Founders as Mashup Mavens: Lewis Hyde Reveals How Knowledge and Culture are a Shared Legacy.

August 2010 Lewis Hyde’s book is a work of political history, legal scholarship, and a meditation on the commerce of the human spirit and creativity.

David Bollier: The Privatization of Yoga

August 2010 The sooner we acknowledge that we live in the Age of Enclosure, the sooner we can develop the legal mechanisms for protecting that which belongs to all of us. This includes the latest endangered resource: yoga.

David Bollier: The Power of Open Data: How Large-Scale Sharing and Collaboration are Helping to Solve Medical Mysteries

August 2010 Science has always recognized the power of sharing in developing new knowledge, but the highly diverse research data on diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s is not easily shared. This post emphasizes how the most fruitful way forward is to pursue an “open source” approach that places the basic building-blocks of knowledge into the commons.

David Bollier: Wikileaks, the War, and Accountability: Leaked Documents from the Afghanistan War Confirm Some Hard, Dismal Truths

July 2010 “We can now see more clearly that it is not just government that practices deception and censorship to advance its political interests; the commercial press is complicit in its own way, for its own reasons.”