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David Chura: Keeping Lock-up Kids and their Families Connected

February 2012
 As anyone who has worked with kids in the penal system knows on a gut level, it is crucial to have supportive community members involved in young offenders’ lives as they serve their time. But why is it so difficult?

David Chura: First the Good News: At-Risk Kids (May) Get Some Justice

November 2011
 News on juveniles in the federal justice system.

David Chura: A Global History Lesson in Hope

August 2011
 There are people out there who care about real justice, not just for the “done to” but for the “doer” as well; who worry not only about “the system”—child welfare, juvenile and criminal justice—but about the kids in the system.

David Chura: Teaching in Tough Places

May 2011
 We need to pay homage to those who teach kids in the most difficult place of all: jail.

David Chura: Yes, Virginia, There Are Miracles in the Juvenile Justice System

December 2010 We all need to push to have exclusionary laws changed; to challenge our own and society’s attitudes about ex-offenders; and to take a chance in whatever way we can on some kid once locked-up now locked-out of the world.

David Chura: Sexual Abuse in Juvenile Detention Centers

January 2010 The numbers are disturbing. During 2008 through 2009, 12 percent or 3,220 of the kids locked up in state or privately run juvenile detention centers reported that they had been sexually victimized by another kid or by facility staff.