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Jay Walljasper: To Stop Climate Change, Start Calling It by a Different Name

May 2014

When the Guardian starts swearing, do we start noticing climate change?

Jay Walljasper: How to Revive Low-Income Neighborhoods

April 2014

How deeply rooted institutions, like hospitals and colleges, are revitalizing their communities.

Jay Walljasper: Lessons to Learn From Finland’s Top-Ranked Schools

March 2014

Finland ranks highest in global education because teachers rank highest in society.

Jay Walljasper: How Urban Design Helps or Hinders the Health of the Commons

February 2014

Aspiring to that proverbial cup of sugar borrowed from a neighbor.

Jay Walljasper: 12 Reasons You’ll Be Hearing More About the Commons in 2012

January 2012
 We Power stands at the convergence of economic and cultural trends.

Jay Walljasper: What Happens When You Open the Streets for People

July 2011
 Closing off streets for the enjoyment of people is a well-tested idea, which happens every Sunday in cities from Bogota to Ontario.

Jay Walljasper: Recipe File for Political Optimism

January 2011
 When seen through the lens of the commons, public services cannot be dismissed as “waste” nor basic matters of fairness reduced to “entitlements.”

Jay Walljasper: A Small Change Could Boost Everyone’s Access to Information

October 2010 If professors published their work for the public, everyone would have access to better, more reliable information.

Jay Walljasper: Bikes Take Over Downtown Portland

October 2010 Borrowing an idea from Colombia, Portland opens its streets to non-motorized traffic on Sunday celebrations.

Jay Walljasper: How Not to Save the Commons

September 2010 An excerpt from the foundational work Whose Common Future: Reclaiming the Commons by environmental visionary Edward Goldstein.

Jay Walljasper: Looking South for Environmental Progress

September 2010 Kenya’s new constitution is more proof that we can learn from the developing world.

Jay Walljasper: Bicycling as a Way of Life

September 2010 Under escalating levels of traffic, the U.S. could (and should) follow Holland’s lead with a bicycle-friendly infrastructure.

Jay Walljasper: In Tough Times, Parks are a Smart Investment

August 2010 In St. Louis, Detroit, and Houston, new parks foster economic opportunities and prove that investing in public space is a boost on local budgets.

Jay Walljasper: Not So Wonderful Life?

August 2010 The good guy prevented Bedford Falls from becoming Pottersville in the movie. But what would happen in today’s economy?